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Random ideas oo

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pain numb/Pain sensive - 25% less pain/more pain felt  

Happy sleeper - Can sleep on a sofa/car seat/Soft seat items without any pain or sleep debuffs from such things (I'm not going to make one for wooden chairs or anything like that and i think they're doesn't need to be one)

Depessive - rate of sadness gos up 25% faster

imaginative - bordom rate is 25% slower

Picky eater - given a random set of foods the character will outright refuse to eat (You may be told what items)

Item needer - a random item is needed from keeping your character to be in a PANIC (Simple things like a hammar or a saw or a doll Not anything crazy like a pool cue or food items this may give items more use)

just some traits


Some items

- a hot plate 


easy to pick up


can be placed anywhere


Needs power

Can't hold more more then a cooking pot full of soup



Ok i'm fresh out of ideas

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1. That's pretty interesting

2. And that's pretty useless. If add this - they need to change how long pain without good sleep remains. It's dissappear after 1-2 ingame hours..

3. Why not. Will be a pain in the ass, because of slow rate of item transfering.

4. Ehh.. Why not? For -1 point i guess.

5. Why not again. For -2 points, plus character should be able to eat that kind of food with 3rd/4rd level of hunger. Or, make it that unfavourite food will always reduce unhappines, even properly cooked.

6. Maybe. For +1 point. 

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Well no if you have this trait with the restless sleeper traits its really pretty good due to the tiredness levels i said sleep debuffs this is also the lack of sleep from sleeping on those items They give you less sleep because i have the restless sleeper trait in my plays normaly if you sleep in a bed its always going to be at just at the first moodle or none at all Or If you sleep in a car you have the Last moodle always 


This can be useful because of sleep debuffs and for people who don't want to take restful sleeper or have no pain while sleeping


given this is a trait idea because restful sleeper means less sleep means you might be wake at night


I have the sleepyhead trait without it i'm pretty sure my character would be tired all the time due to restless sleeper and sleepyhead i'm guessing you get More sleep more bang for your buck



the only reason i want this in game is so my plays are bit easyer however i need more bad traits to get the rest because all the "Good" bad traits are gone in my build?


Pretty much TL;DR

My character gets Very tired when sleeping in a car and only a little tired with sleeping with a bed

I'd like it if sofas and things diden't have these debuffs with a trait so its not "free"

Maybe +3 or +2 Because its not that big of a deal!


(Heck even if they did not remove the pain i'd still like it if it the level of sleep acting like a bed)

This is a trait for people who plan to live in a car or carry around a chair to sleep on the go Pretty much


Because some people want to live in retail stores and cars what are they do without being able to pick up a bed? Get less sleep?


this is where this trait comes in get a chair and Wow make shift bed


Pretty much i would not be on the idea if this trait if beds we're easy to pick up but yet they are not


Not gonna lie lack of sleep can be deadly for the axe user or bat user or whatever heck swing user 

However a knife user you pretty ok

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Yes it does Very much so you'll wake up at crazy hours due to this i'd just like a trait where i can live in a car somewhat long term Even with just sleepyhead i still had sleep issues

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