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Join the best Group on the coolest RP Server

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Steam ID: Al3xapocalypse, also goes by Mr. Scolex




There is only one server I play on anymore as of right now, and it is called Paradise Lost, There are many players who play on here, a lot of communities and settlements, good groups and groups of bandits, there is also a group of cannibal bandits. I have started a group, that is somewhere in between good and bad.

I am looking for any player interested to join up. I created the group, but the way the leadership will go is there will be 5 players in charge. It will make up a council, meaning any decisions made for the better of the group will be discussed amongst the 5 head leaders. I am the founder but we are all equal and I deserve no special treatment. Join the server and message me in game for an invite, the first 4 to join up will be the leaders of the group. I am in the server solo right now so please join up ASAP, I am searching for a formidable location to put up our walls and build our settlement. If you want to be a part of a Project Zomboid roleplaying experience like no other, join the server now, and join my group. You will experience this game in a whole new light. 


Group Name:

The New World Order




Beginning in the first established settlement, there will be 5 Leaders forming a council. As we grow as a community, we will begin to branch out and build new settlements. At that time, one of the original 5 leaders will be given the new settlement as their own and will be the solo leader of said new settlement. At that time, a position will open up for all members of the group, and the opportunity to become a member of the council of 5 in the original settlement will arise. 



In this server, their are many groups. One massive group is a good morale group, you pass their assessment, they give you housing and protection, and you return the favor by doing the job that is tasked to you. Another massive group I encountered is a Cannibal Bandit group, they are ruthless, and I dont know the rules of this group but let's just say, it is for the absolute bad.

With this group, we will form an alliance with any willing groups. To protect our members, we will do whatever we need to as a way of keeping the peace. However, we will not be walked over, and will not submit to the demands of a group who wishes to control us through fear.
The New World Order offers a safe haven for lonely survivors tired of watching their friends and family die at the hands of the undead or crazed lunatics. We will grow as a community, and when we get enough members, we will slowly work towards becoming the most respected and feared group in the apocalypse. We will answer the cries for help from solo survivors being terrorized. We will go to war with factions who enter our territory and attempt to harm any survivor whether they be a solo survivor or a member of an allied faction. We will bring order back to the world by any means necessary. 

Join The New World Order now on the server Paradise Lost, and become a part of something bigger than solo survival. This is a chance for a whole new way of playing PZ, and trust me, it is an absolute blast. 

I don't have any strict rules, you don't need a mic to be a member. All I ask is you try to stay active in the server, and add me on steam so we can keep things updated.

I have huge plans for this group, and all new members are welcome to pitch in their ideas to make this the absolute best group to be a member of in all of PZ.

Log into the game now! Join the Paradise Lost Server! Press 'Y' for global chat, and ask for Mr. Scolex. I will be there waiting to invite you in. Thank you for reading all of this, and I absolutely look forward to meeting and playing with each and every one of you :)

See you on the streets of Muldraugh,

           -Mr. Scolex

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Hey dude ! I plan to join the server and your community, probably this evening ! I’ll add you on steam :) can you just tell me wich job will be needed actually ? I wont be part of the council, as i return near australia in about a month, but i’ll be as active as possible during this month !


I know almost all jobs except elec and engineer, so just ask i will adapt !

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