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PZRP Serious Roleplay [RP] [Whitelist]

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Good evening, I would like to publicly announce our up-coming serious roleplay server.

Our goal at PZRP is to provide a unique, serious roleplay experience for everyone involved on the server. A custom-built storyline that is solely shaped by the characters and members of the community.


Please join our discord for more information @ https://discord.gg/eGPUtWM


In addition, I am also looking for some people to help me manage the roleplay. If you would be willing to assist in any way your help would be greatly appreciated! I am very excited about this, and as a veteran roleplayer myself, I look forward to seeing what kind of story we can make together.

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Well, now! I'm always glad to see a new roleplay server pop up... hopefully it sticks around longer than some of the others I've grown attached to. I'll definitely be keeping an eye open, at any rate.

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