Animated placed wooden torch that emits light (I need directions)
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I'm trying to build a mod. First try. My objective is to craft something like the "lamp on a pillar", but with a tree branch and some rags.


I already have made a simple craftable torch made of wood and ripped sheets, with translations.

This torch currently behaves like a "lit candle": it emits light if held in hand.

That was the easy part, but this is not what I had in mind...


Now, I'd like to improve a few things:

  • Ability to place the torch on the ground (vertically and using a menu option, just like the wooden cross)
  • Ability for said placed torch to emit light (for base lighting)
  • [optional] Ability to animate said placed torch


This is important for base lighting at night, if one does not wish to rely on "lamp on a pillar".


Any advice / links to relevant resources / names of events/functions to look up in order to accomplish that? Is it possible at all using modding?




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