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PZ inventory over hall?

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i'ma keep it simple and say that project zomboid needs to switch to maybe a grid based item management

because to be able to fit like a *whole log* in a bag is a bit out there and there sort be something like this


layers so that way you can make it bigger or smaller

(a book self would have 1 or 2 layers books takeing up about to if placed normaly)

i hope this made my point the games item management needs an upgrade!

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RIP pad users.

The "Weight" stat of items in PZ kinda META does this, it's a combo of Mass + Size I believe and other than stuffing random bags full of logs/planks I never had issue believing that I can actually shove the things i have in the bag into it.

IMO it would be a better solution to add a layer of code into item containers that makes it possible for either allowing or prohibiting specific items being put into them, that way we could have for example a wallet container but it would only "accept" cash/credit cards/random note/etc. as items to store and you couldn't shove a pistol in there.

That and prohibiting logs/generator/tires being shoved into containers that there is just no way in hell could contain them.

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