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objects Damages and destruction balance

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Start to post this in small suggestion topic. But Finally post here, because is longer to explain. 


  • when aiming a zombie, there is too much damage on structure around. I affraid to fight zombie on my builded stairs, in corridor safehouse, side to crates. because each time I hurt the structure too, even with hand ! Are we as clumsy, even at lvl 10 ?
    Should be only damages on the zombie when aimed.
  • Tools needed to destruction is not enough diversified (everything with sledgehammer) and not match to the most efficiency tools :
    • wire fence and wall, barbed wire (IRL with rebounce , you can't effeciency destruct a this kind of wall with sledgehammer) could maybe destructed with a saw (as the picture of it is one of metal saw !! ), by blowtorch or adding pliers.
      Metal walls are at the limit, is it a really strong wall ? so seldgehammer coulb be useless and use instead blowtorch.
    • tissue based objects (carpets, curtains) should be destructed by other tools (may scissor)
  • builded structures damages by weapons aren't selective enough. You can hurt everything with hands, axes,etc.. :
    assuming that punch a metal wall (what about wooden wall ?) could only result in a fracture for human, and others hardness limit.
    • Wooden base : axe, crowbar, (hands ? really ?), sledgehammer, fire weapons and bunt weapons with malus
    • solid metal base : sledgehammer, fire weapons with big malus
    • wired metal base : axe (with big malus)

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