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Project Zomboid Needs YOU! (Yes, you!)

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Hey guys, with the latest vehicle build we introduced a plethora of changes that should make the game faster almost universally. We'd like to hear from you guys and see how well we did. I can't stress enough how useful this feedback would be for us so we can see how well we did and what we still need to work on.


It would be awesome if you guys could just have a stomp around on the newest vehicle build (make sure you got an update from the evening of 3/15 UK time/late afternoon US time). Run and drive around and let us know how it feels, and post your specs and what you see from your framerate here. Steam has a built-in frame counter now! All you have to do to turn it on is go to the Steam menu in the top left, click settings, click "In-Game" from the list on the left, and enable the "In-game FPS counter" from the dropdown menu. Have a look at your fps and let us know that and your system specs (at the least your RAM, Graphics card, and processor) if you can. The perfect feedback would look something like this:


Average Framerate Seen: 60 fps

How it felt: Performance in this build was much smoother than I've seen before! Game feels better than it ever has to me.

Resolution: 1440p
Graphics Card: GTX 1080
Processor: i7-6700K
RAM: 16 GB


Don't forget to include your resolution! Make sure to let us know how it feels compared to previous builds especially. And that's my real feedback from this build- I only drop below 60 when I go to maximum zoom out and drive as fast as I can through a city in a car.


The game now has an uncapped framerate option! We highly recommend you use it in this test!!



Edit: Also, please make sure to test without mods. There's known problems with hydrocraft in this build, and mods can also considerably negatively impact your performance, *especially* if they're causing problems.


Just to be clear guys this is not the type of flickering that I'm talking about when I say low FPS for the GUI:

If you're getting this it's most likely cuz you're playing in compatibility mode or you have zoom disabled. The far less likely possibility is that your system doesn't support fbos, but these are a common opengl extension that's been available since like 2000, so should be very unlikely to be absent in anything built after 2007 or so.



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Hello,in this vehicle build with uncaptured FPS in West Point I got average Fps around 40-45 in downtown,50-60 fps in other parts of town,60+ fps in outskirts(all in max zoom level).
1.How it felt: the game runs pretty better in comparison with previous build 38 and 37,there is less lags in begining of new game,but still got little freezes in game that slightly drop FPS
2.Graphics settings: resolution-1366x768,vert.sync-off, shaders-on, 3d models-all, 3d corpses-all, lighting quality-high,lighting update-15
3.My notebook specs:
Graphic card-Nvidia geforce 920m
Processor-Intel i5 5200u
RAM-4gb DDR3

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Average Framerate Seen: stable 60+ FPS outside cities, 45 - 55 inside cities

How it felt: Overall much much smoother, it is a very pleasant experience to drive around with stable 60+ FPS at max zoom, main FPS drop happens when loading buildings, drops to around 45 - 50 in high density area (West Point central area) and slight drops in residential areas but usually 55 - 60 FPS in those, outside of that its 60 - 70 driving around the countryside. When not driving the FPS are more stable overall (doesn't have to load as fast I suppose)
So yeah overall the performance is much smoother and it's way easier to drive around and fight zombies without constant freezes and FPS drops.

Resolution: 1080p
Graphics Card: GTX 960M
Processor: i7-6700HQ

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Average Framerate Seen: easily 80 fps driving at 60 - 80 km/h through the countryside, in cities 60 - 80 fps driving at 30 - 60 km/h


Lowest Framerate Seen: I managed to make it drop below 60 fps in Muldraugh after creating a horde


How it felt: very smooth overall, although I've seen some hitches driving from Rosewood to Muldraugh at 80 km/h +. Walking and running around at 100 fps. All the framerates are at max zoom.


Resolution: 1440p
Graphics Card: GTX 1080ti
Processor: core i-7 7700k
RAM: 16 GB

Game settings: Survival

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With the same  graphic options and hardware in downtown of Riverside in six months later mode my average FPS is around 40-48 on foot with the small amount of zombies on screen,and FPS falls to 19 when i see pretty huge horde of 50+ on my field of vision zombies following me and around 30+zombies behind.In stable build 38.30 FPS was almost the same,so that's a good job guys :-D20180316114202_1.thumb.jpg.2a0c6143b7ad9a0cc91ddae6e3c2a05d.jpg


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i7-990x OC to 4GHz


Geforce GTX 980

1440 res

I've set FPS to 60 and it remains 60 everywhere now, even around mass hordes. But.. that UI stuff is giving me headaches looking at it, all choppy n stuff


edit : I allow the program to use 6GB of ram

edit 2 : forgot to mention all settings maxed, all 3D and 3D corpses n such, you know what maxed settings are

edit 3 : okay so I put fps cap on uncapped and I get 170-180 in places with no zombies driving or not

            160-170 with one or two/a bunch (1-20) zombies driving or not

            150-170 driving around downtown areas zombies or not

            160-180 walking in downtown areas no zombies

            150-160 walking in downtown with large horde, any less than I'd say 60 zombies and I get 170 easy


   derp I forgot to say this was all done on zoom 250%, if I zoom all the way in add like 60 to each one but zoom 50% prolly doesnt help


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i3-3220 3.30 GHz


HD 7700


Gave it a quick spin in West Point Downtown, at 1920x1080 the game ran around 45-50 FPS when i had no zombies around in the vheicle, those FPS came down to 25-30 when there were lots of them.


Tried 1280x720 and i had constant 30 FPS when there were zombies around, 60 FPS when there was nothing around, overall it felt good, some very minor stutters here and there but my rig is old as hell, also the FPS were uncapped.


Also yeah the UI stuff feels kinda weird. 

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Win 7, i7-4790k, 32GB RAM

GTX1080ti @ 3440x1440, driver version 388.13.

My only mod is BookCollection, but I've disabled that for now with no change.


So far very smooth and stable at 60fps, even if uncapped. I've dipped down to the 40s zoomed out and driving a couple of times.


However, the UI as a whole has a delay to it now, almost like it's on a low refresh. Dragging items or windows around, there's a noticeable frame loss, and item transfer appears to move choppy as well.

Edit: The UI is not flickering, just looks like it has low FPS.


I'm having trouble deciding if I'm able to click in between (what i assume are visual only) updates and not have that click register. I was trying combine vitamin bottles and it wouldn't go twice in a row, and a few times with items not going to or from my backpack with no other actions queued.


I've restarted the game client a couple times just to check, also no change. However, my character was Unpleasantly Hot during one game load, and was animating/moving/pushing extremely slow for a couple IRL minutes until I took off some clothes. Like maybe 5 seconds to perform a push kind of slow, no other moodles or even close to weight limit. I didn't have any zombies around at the moment to see what anything else looked like, but I was still at 60fps.

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5 hours ago, throttlekitty said:

and a few times with items not going to or from my backpack with no other actions queued.

I can confirm I've been experiencing this as well, I'll select a bunch of items to transfer and sometimes things get left behind, rarely but happened a couple times, just inventory/backpack inventory to crates

edit : not happening with car inventories though

Edited by Minnigin

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i3 duo 3,4ghz, 4go ram, linux 64bit, intel HD4000, 1440x900
no shader, tiles x2, light 15, 3D : Player +2, uncapped, no multithread (still can't , with linux), zoom 150/100 (but never use 150, stay all the time in 100%).

After My last post on release Vehicle test 39. things appear more and more strange !
I was playing SP (was waiting for spiffo server update). I mainly play in MP And that's the reason for the incomprehensible "More lags" and strange game reaction.
SP :

  • Play to a fresh new map seems to be very laggy. ( I experience again the black border of the world !)
  • I can confirm, that some injury effect seems to be very heavy process (seems less in MP), when i start to blood or be injuried game slowdown.
  • Drive in 100% is unplayable because don't see road. Lag with driving in 150% is not disturbing for me , it is only the lake on acceleration who is frustating. (as MP) (This hang executive process on inputs commands is the center of many problems....) is missing a frame (or process render) skip
  • Open the mechanic menu became very laggy from 1 or 2 update (graphical car ?) (as MP).

MP : 

  • from some update, Lags due to horde attraction on a Non player things was resolved, i can watch big horde around a car with no lags. BUT When they become attracted by a player, that's the end ! yesterday again Bitten In The Void , in the worth case ( visually : no zombies to 15 tiles around and and none hunting me )
    Is it the path fading ? are they each on calculate "Can i go throught this blade of grass ?".
  • better preformance render with other players ! can drive or be driven with an other player smoothly.

the game is more stable in MP. but seems worth in SP.
two overload process : the Zombie attraction on a player and heal process.

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Windows 10 64bit

Celeron 3215U 1.7GHz
Intel HD Graphics



Option: default


Average FPS (Zoom default): Inside city - 25, Forest - 30, countryside - 35

FPS is considerably improved compared with the beginning Vehicle build.  I'm satisfied with play.

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