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Before animation release

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There was some weeks, due to the lake of interest in actuals games, I replay to fallout (nostalgy !!!)....

  • It seems you like bloodshed, could be add some critical death hit animation as fallout ?


"his favorite" is the favorite for all i think....

Or after that, the first to do this dynamicaly is soldiers of fortune.




  • There is an animations planned for simple actions ? (all of this with passe-partout animation) as :
    • sit down / sleep
    • use / pick up / put ( I think again to the standard animation of fallout, it is standard, but there is an animation !!!)
    • build (wood with hammer striking, metal with blowtorch firing), saw
    • drink, cook, eat
    • use rope / ladder
    • shovel for grave and farm
    • foraging
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