Welcome to "Wasteland Es" Spanish server 24/7 mods and exclusive maps.

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Be welcome to the new and dangerous territory, consider the wide variety of options that give us the exclusive mods of Mr. "Snake" that give a variety of options to survive, explore new locations and remember to make alliances in the apocalypse.

The server contains the following mods:

Mod ID: Eerie Country

Mod ID: AliceSPack
Mod ID: AmmoMaker
Mod ID: Barco Abandonado
Mod ID: CustomTTmod
Mod ID: ExtraKnifes
Mod ID: FastTalk
Mod ID: GPSMod
Mod ID: LeGourmetEvolutionPlus
Mod ID: LobiiCity
Mod ID: LootZetaExtreme
Mod ID: MilitaryComplex
Mod ID: Riverside Gunstore
Mod ID: SkillsMag
Mod ID: SpiffoSkills
Mod ID: VisualsMod
Mod ID: Zmoney
Map Folder: BarcoAbandonado
Map Folder: Lobii City
Map Folder: MilitaryComplex
Map Folder: Riverside Gunstore

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