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hello everyone, please excuse me for my bad english because thats not my primary langage.


So here's the problem.


i downloaded the demo on steam but when i double click just a little black window appear and dissapear like one second later, im on windows 10, my os is the problem?


second little problem is the minimal configuration  run the game i need Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core

and actually i have an amd E2 7th gen, so can i run it without problem???


thanks for your answers :)

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Go to the installation directory of the game by right clicking on Project Zomboid and selecting Properties in the Steam game library then press the Browse Local Files button shown here: PFy0kmJ.png


While you have these options open, disable the Steam overlay in the General tab.

Find the ProjectZomboid32.bat file (blue gears for an icon, not a red and black egg) and double click it. Once (if) the game crashes, take a screenshot of the console and upload it to, linking it here. This will hopefully tell us what's wrong. =)

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