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Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

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To be fair i like how pz takes its time i don't want a buggy mess because people said "give me npcs "


cars in my option are pretty not buggy and i can really feel the love and the care being put into the game

i don't mind waiting for npcs i don't want anything rushed because rushed = not made with care


pz is being made with care and to in from you that pz has been in the makeing for 4 almost 5 years this is how much it takes for any team like the ones behid fallout 4 your just not seeing them make it or know about it so you have no reason to complan


i don't want project zomboid to be another: quick rush this out survival game because it doesn't feel like a clone it feels fresh it feels new because your not poping heads off zombies your trying to live zombies are a real game 


i hate when people say that the game is going "to slow" fallout 4 took years to make games like that take years project zomboid is being made with slow tender love and care


And besides that whats there you guys can't keep makeing complan posts like this games take time and if you want a good game that takes time


the pz team works on a lot of things with updates and the like everything is going to be slow even with a big team project zomboid isn't some clone project zomboid is it own thing and if you want npcs now theres a mod for that but in my option its buggy and this is what pz npcs would be like if they we're pushed out


i do love this game (my most played game cof cof) and pz has love. care. and time put into it


any aa title takes years to be made but no body tells you that


good times like good art or good craftmentship take time 

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