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Instant exhaustion foraging 'feature'

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Please stop this madness. Instantly becoming exhausted after foraging once is just insane. At most, foraging after a couple times being exhausted would be fine. There is no reason why this should be a thing. I thought this whole time it was simply a bug until I heard otherwise. For the love of all that is gaming, remove the "instant exhaustion" in favor of something that makes sense and as more purely based on skill level. 


Simple really....


example numbers. 


baseEnergy 100

baseForagingCost 60 (makes it once without instant exhaustion at base level)


energyLeft = currentEnergy - (foragingLevelMultiplier * baseForagingCost) 


Then assign an energy used reduction per level. Maybe at level 2 a reduction thats enough to get 2 shots without exhaustion but not enough energy for more. 

Then each level after would be a smaller energy reduction equaled out to achieve a goal of X amount of times total at a certain higher level. 

So say you want the max to ever be able to do is 10 times... take the energy needed for 8 times and apply reductions for skill levels 3-10 so that by skill level 10, they can accomplish the 8 times. 

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I agree, especially since the areas you forage are deplete-able. It doesn't make sense that it makes you so tired, I could see it increasing your fatigue level, but foraging makes me so tired that I always wait to do it until the end of the day.


This would be nice applied to digging with the trowel too.

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If you ask me they should tone down the fatigue

And Increase the time to finish foraging 


your hiking through the forest and yes you would get tired but getting that tired in a half hour seems a little much


I use foraging as a poor man's sleeping pill


Could not Agree More =)



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