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Is possible move, or spawn a wood crate on a specific point?


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Hellow, and thanks for your time. ;)


someone know if is possible instantly move a fridge (or any other furniture)to a specific X,Y map point? 


something like that...


game start then


     Move instantly any furniture placed in (x,y) to = 123 , 400



or..... exist some way to spawn a furniture (like a chair or a wood box) in a specific map point?


thats all. sorry for my poor english, and have a good day :) 

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There are a few ways. 


First, I would suggest using the mods "More Build" and cheat menu.....You can then right click and build one that way easily. This adds also a bunch of other items that can be built as well.  You can then also enable/disable creative mode with the cheat menu. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON A SERVER UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADMIN but will work in SP


You can also try installing NecroForge which we use on our server all the time for things like this. It has pretty much everything you need to copy item, spawn items and so forth. 


Now these ways are technically cheating so it you want to avoid cheating... I would avoid these methods. Then again, there really is no other way of moving anything without cheating. 

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