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Different Dashboards

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Obviously not a priority right now, but I would like to suggest that eventually different vehicles have different dashboards and different dashboard designs. Taking from this thread by Jere, certain vehicles - such as taxis, military, and emergency services vehicles - could have built-in radios and microphones into the dashboard; older vehicles could have older designs, while newer models could have a more 'modern' dashboard appearance.


An example I made based on the 1993 Chevrolet Caprice (police edition) for an in-game Chevalier:





Here, the controls for the lightbar and siren are visible and accessible on the dashboard, in addition to the radio and microphone. Having been made in 1993, the dashboard has a bit more of a 'modern' touch with the electronic display.


So instead of having this:



You'd have something like this:



The hope with this would not only be having unique designs with different vehicles but also having several vehicle controls easily accessible and viewable (i.e. immediately clicking on the siren controls, or clicking on the microphone to talk), and presenting more of the idea that if the player's character sees it, the player ought to see it too. Again, not necessarily a priority, but something I would like to address and suggest as I think it would add to vehicles and gameplay overall.

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