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I have been learning to forage myself and I have noted in project zomboid one can never find any foods in winter, there are however a number of foods one can find in real life in the winter even in vary cold places. Some examples include tree bark; something known as cambium that grows in between the bark and the wood of the tree can make a jerky or chip like snack (some trees have poison cambium and others have medicinal qualities like pain killing), bearberry; also known as kinnicknik is a rather tasteless berry but edible, wintergreen; a common large red berry that is a ground cover, any plant that has edible tubers (root parts) like some fern species some species of mushrooms grow edible in the winter, pinecones also have small amounts of edible seeds. Persimmons are a great fruit for winter (sort of like apples, or peaches, they grow on a tree.) as are prickly pear cacti which most likely do grow in parts of the area the map takes place. There are many more examples. The main thing that will get a skilled forager in winter is protein deficiency. Some plants give a small amount of protein and some mushrooms are packed with protein (if you can find them), but ultimately insects and animals are the easiest source or protein that one can find in the wild and neither of those are going to be naturally available in high quantities in winter unless one builds an insect farm. I think for balance reasons though they should be much less common in winter, or at the very least require that the player have their foraging stats higher up.

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