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I want to make some maps, my current ideas are of San Diego, New Orleans, random rural areas and so on. Sadly, I don't really know how to use WorldEd, TileZed, and stuff, but I do make some buildings for my map ideas. These buildings are made as like concept art for my ideas, if you ever see my maps on Steam Workshop in the distant future, you may not see some of the buildings shown in this thread. It's just concept.


Also, I don't know how make Dropbox links and all that stuff, you'll only see screenshots, and some descriptions about it.


Stuff about my building thread.


Q: Why would you do this?

A: Because, other people are doing it, so I thought... why not? And other things.


Q: We saw your stuff, now what?
A: You could leave, comment, or do some criticism. The main reason I made this, is to improve my skills, if you think it sucks then tell me, if you think its good, tell me. Or you just say it sucks, although that's not very helpful because I have to review and analyze my insulted building and determine a fault, which is basically a guess.


Q: I'm too scared to criticize, what do I do?

A: Leave or get over it, if you say it sucks, i'm not going to get salty, or burn down your house, hire a hitman, literally start a zombie apocalypse...etc. Whatever you say, as long as it's genuine, and helpful then I won't get any hateful or dumb thoughts about you, even if you don't be helpful and just say a single sentence, which would just confuse me.


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I will continue editing this if I find out how to make Dropbox links, or any find more questions.

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So, first off is a four home condo, each home is the size of a one bedroom apartment. I'm not sure exactly what environment it belongs to.


An example of one of the rooms


Second Floor, First Floor is identical except for the house decor, each room is designed differently like it's owned by an individual person.



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