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Reference List of Lua Events


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As it turns out, a lot of the places that have Lua event listings, are either woefully out of date or have since disappeared from the internet. With that in mind, I have added a section to the pzwiki that lists all the Lua Events currently found in game, though fair warning some are now obsolete.




I have created some pages for some of the events but more still needs to be done. Some pages haven't been created as of writing and the template used for the pages leaves much to be desired, but will hopefully still be helpful to those looking for a quick reference. It also has the added benefit of other people being able to update the listings or change descriptions based on what they find.


Any questions you can post here, or say something in the workshop_modding channel of Discord. I'm usually around there willing to answer questions.

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On 1/9/2018 at 2:09 PM, Fenris_Wolf said:

Just a thought, It would be useful have listed on each event's page if the event is triggered client side, server side, or both. Some are obvious of course (such as mouse movements etc), but no so much with others.

5 years late, but was there an update on this? I am also trying to see which is which

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