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How To Have Different Exterior Walls?


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So here we have exterior walls that look like Brick Walls, I created it using the Place Wall tool, on the top toolbar where the Red Circle is.




After placing the walls or during you can change the texture of each individual wall. To do this After placing select the wall using the Select and Move Rooms Tool on the top toolbar where this Red Circle is. You'll notice the Right Side Wall is highlighted in blue where the others are still white, that's the one I selected.



Now after scrolling through the Exterior Wall Textures I picked this wonderful Green wall and as you can see it changed this wall to that Texture.



Sometimes this tool is handy when making different Textured Walls instead of the Draw Room(Pencil Icon) which usually uses one uniform Exterior Wall.


This also works the same for Interior Walls. You'll notice below I changed the Texture of one of the Interior Walls to a different shade of Green.



If you already used the Draw Room to make your house, instead of rebuilding it you can use the Place Wall tool right over an existing part of your house wall with a different Texture as seen in the Red Circles within this next screenshot.



I hope this helps solve your question, and I really enjoyed your pretty house picture you made.


Feel free to ask more questions if you need.




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Another Screenshot.
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14 hours ago, Capt_Paradox said:

Feel free to ask more questions if you need

Yes, trying to make a New Orleans map, I noticed that I can't make wood pillars or fences. In the building tiles menu there's some applications, radios, fences...how do i use them? Also the pillars.


Without the pillars I can't make this.

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Great choice! I use to live on N. Rampart right on the edge of the french quarter.


Some things aren't included under Tile View so you have to go to ISO view to find them.



This gives you an example of Fences to start. As you can see I selected Tile on the Left Menu.

Then the menu right next to that I selected fencing_01. I can't remember which works best, but I don't see a problem setting it to a act a Wall, so right click the Texture you want, go down the list that pops up and click Walls.


Then when you place it, it will look like this.



A couple other textures that might work are for the posts are:




lighting_outdoor_01 (I like the black one which is the bottom half of a street lamp)




But take a look through the textures and see what fits best, there's a lot to choose from that doesn't always show up under ISO view.

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Not to take an unproductive macabre direction with this... But my immediate thought when I saw the toaster in the bathroom was not of a bed-and-breakfast scenario, but one more akin to someone who decided not to try to survive the outbreak and take their own way out... (run-on sentences ftw)


Either way, great work Kenneth!

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