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Sliding Glass Doors - New Textures - Here's how!

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So earlier today, it was brought to my attention there are some new tiles that "Starkittycat || Game Dev || YT" made me aware of.

One of those new tiles is Sliding Glass Doors!


So here's how to use them on your house to pretty em up all nice.


Ok top left click on Building - Then tiles



Left side the top menu click on Doors



Then in the middle window pane, scroll till you get to fixtures_doors_01, then on the right side the doors will appear. Go down and click on the white sliding glass door(or the red ones).



Then you see my mouse cursor in the bottom left is over the Plus symbol. click Add Tiles



Click Ok when you see it added to fixtures_doors_01 on the bottom left menu.



Ok then go to ISO mode and click on Door Icon at the top toolbar, then click on Door Frames in the right side menu, Select NONE otherwise it will act strange


This is what happens if you don't click none, apparently the modified it for doors to act sideways.



This is it with door frames at none. Now I'm going to do windows.
Ok, so click on the windows, then select the white window one without a handle, Go to the bottom left and click the plus. (just like we did with doors
Then in ISO mode click on the Window Tool in the top toolbar, then go to the windows, on the right side menu and select the white sliding door window under fixtures_doors_01
Now you don't have to go to Tiles ever again for those textures! it is a little silly, but it saves time later on.
I hope this helps everyone add some awesome sliding glass doors to their houses! Happy Mapping and thanks to StarKitty for motivating me to do this!

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