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Looking for other groups

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Hello survivors! A couple friends and I just started playing zomboid again. After much searching we found a decent server to play on that offers a challenge. So on to the point of this post. It's a PvP pve to server. With about 5 or 6 mods. Hydrocraft more build and armor mod are in it. My friends and I are looking for other groups or loners that would like to play this server with us. Not necessarily working together but to have another faction on the server. Not to many people play this server as far as I know. We will accept people into our group but preferably to just come play on the server so we have people to socialize with. If your interested add me on steam and I'll give you all the information on the server and our private discord. Thank you! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Saroniteisadick/

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