Cap Levi, Normandy, France
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5 hours ago, Ayrton Orio said:

getting used to the tools, testing all i could etc was about 18 months, but I started working on the larger map more reently. (and it shows) 


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On 5/14/2019 at 6:49 PM, Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] said:

When is the release?) Will she be in the workshop?

Yes it will be in the Workshop, I don't have a fixed release date yet, but you can expect it before summer. It will be quite empty at first but it will be playable I think.

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Some updates:


Thanks to the great Cardenaglo I was able to create more palettes in the rules.txt to create vegetation and tiles from my photoshop file. That led me to improve greatly the fields which was necessary at the very least for orientation as the landscape was getting very monotonous. Now they look good from above and from up close. Some of the cells wil lbe used for houses with gardens (which are scattered all around the map).

I think I'm halfway in the job of recreating 50/60% of the actual crops on the map. That will be enough to create a sense of diversity and interest.

i have added a crop version of the data map that I use to define which crops is which, but also cemeteris, agricultural industies, social housing, etc. 


I have also been experimenting with the rules.txt to get objects that are not vegetation but could be used as is to populate the map: graveyards, cityscape, new biomes, etc




i was unsure if I could use the rock tiles to do the shoreline but it's turning out ok now I can do through photoshop. you will notice also the moor biome around beahces too.


I have pretty much finished the first two main islands (I still need to fix a bug while spawning charcter and object though)



And even if it takes ages, the city of Cherbourg is turning from a mess to a clean organized city, i will keep that for another day.


As soon as I fix the bug, I will upload the map with character spawns only on the islands to start with, and if it's ok I will expand.








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the data map shows every different crops field, so for instance, yellow is wheat, red is cabbage, orange is for cattle, salmon is vineyards, etc.

Also some of the colors show specific areas like: cemeteries, agricultural industry, social housing, harbour, parks, etc.

I will have to map about 50% of crop field to really give a sense to the landscape, so far I think I'm at 25-30%.

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8 hours ago, Ciber Ninja said:

Please tell me you are not detailing all those farm plots manually?!


Nah, I modified the rules.txt to have more control on the veg and terrain map, the "only" manual task I have to do regarding crops is to lasso select them in photoshop, which for me is way faster than Tilezed as I have more than a decade of exp in PS.

It still take a while though. :/ 

i have attached an image where you can see all the different new "biomes"



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improvement on the map's crop field:

- pathways in between fields now much clearer and rivable for the most part. walkable everywhere.

 which adds a massive amount of roads to travel to.




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One suggestion I have is to use the pothole textures as road edging instead of sand. It actually looks like the gravely / edge concrete you know? Just gotta keep in mind which tiles it blends with.

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Some updates:

I have finished mapping the fields, and specifiying each (that's the picture where it looks like someone threw up on it), before applying crop field types to each cell, I have to do the roads, you can see the progress on one of the picture. I have also attached a zoomed in version to give a sense of the final density. each color corresponds to a different type and size of road. Some will have a ditch, some will have trees, some will have road lights. Eventually there will be 5 types of roads.




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