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Ayrton Orio

Cap Levi, Normandy, France

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I am redirecting my post from modding to map as i did not realize there was a category for map only.

Here is the original post for details:  https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23230-map-of-normandy-france/

I have attached a section of the map, where most of the towns will be (where there is sand essentially)


I have reposted the larger map also




I had a few questions for you map modders:

- Is it possible to apply a vegetation biome using WorldEd? For now I have only pine trees, which are not really adequate for my environment. I would like to have fruit trees and such. Is it something I have to do manually?
- I had seen a while ago a video where you could see a developer scatter vegetation on the fly, is it something that exists within tilezed or it's a future feature of the creative mod?
- Is there a centralized DB with all .tmx building created by the comumnity? I wish to consult and contribute!
- Is there any "populate" tool in Tilezed that I should know about before getting started? Like for roads for instance?
- Do you have any piece of advice for me? Remarks, suggestions...?


Sans titre1.jpg

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Some updates on the Normandy Map


I had to familiarize myself with the building editor, World Ed and Tilezed in order to go forward with the map. It took me a while because I'm an idiot, but I think I'm up to date now.

Here is some news with medias attached:

- French looking buildings (residences, mansions, greenhouse, stores, garages, etc)

- Better crop fields, now there are many different types of fields depending on their use (cattles, veggies, fruit trees, etc)

- roads are now all connected and make sense. Smaller paths are being done, especially for foresty areas. 

- revamped "boccages", better definition of tree lines, in-between paths, etc

- bridges of different sizes and use were designed

- layout of cities streets are in progress

- Vehicles spawn more naturally (for a french scenery) as they will stand in on side of the street, parked in front of houses (as we Frenchies do)

- Defined every landmark of the map to make the navigation more interesting and easy. (cities, harbours, relais chateau inn, main church, military base, vineyards, larger gas station, 


and probably a bunch of other things I forgot to mention



The map is not yet ready to be uploaded on the workshop as I want every major area of the map to have lootable buildings and vehicle spawns to allow player to go from one town to the other with more ease.


I have added a video to showcase what drove me to do this map: Having more fun driving the cars on non linear roads. (unfortunately the video is very laggy)



There is clearly tons of work to be done (as you can see in the attached files), but I think I will be able to upload the map at the end of June and make it playable for everyone who wishes to.


My short term TODO list is as follow:

- 10-12 residences to be done + variations

- 8-10 unique buildings (lighthouse, gas station, monastery, etc)

- Towns layouts + vehicles spawns

- roads and streets signs and decoration


The longer term list is as follow:

- Apocalyptic feel (burned cars, fortified houses, corpses, etc)

- Foraging areas

- lootable map

- Community feedback

- Polish path



Have a good sunday!





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Some updates on the normandy map :


I am now focusing on a more tile by tile approach so I can give detail to the world, it's not always obvious to see what should be added as a building or directly through tilezed.  Especially when it comes to avoiding repetition as much as possible. I have now diversified a bit more the types of crop fields you can encounter on the map:




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There was also a need to focus on the sea side areas, for now I want to work with the vanilla tileset only but maybe I will expand on it eventually.




I have made many offroad trails that will be fairly easy to go through with a 4x4 not so much with city car.




here is the base layout for the military base in the center east of the map.



And finally, the island in the North, I will add a spawn point here but as long as there is no boat it will be a commitment to stay...


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Hey Ciber,


First yes very good idea to use the spwan map to create choke points, that's very clever. I want to work on that and car wrecks simultaneously to make driving around the map more difficult and interesting.

About crop vegetations, do you have some resources you could point me to? this is indeed very time consuming... :/

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I don't have the files to double check this now, but I think it was blends.txt?

Basically there is a text file somewhere that controls how the colors of your bmp are translated into tiles. Once you get that setup I suggest using Paint.Net for editing your bmps, Keep a master .PDN with all your base, veg, and zombie maps in different layers. I like to also keep things like roads in a separate layer.  Then if you want to change one part, you have much less editing to do. There are a few plugins you should look for I don't have that stuff on my comp atm so I can't give names. There is one that lets you make grids which can be nice, but the most important one lets you select a few colors or a color pallet and make every pixel have the closest value in that pallet. That way you don't get any errors in conversion.

To create random forrest paths I suggest first create a new layer, fill it with a grid of lines. Then you can apply what I think was called the warp filter. It was definitely a default filter. That keeps all your paths connected, but makes them naturally squiggly. 

And for farm plots you can use the fill tool with a pattern selected the apply a little warping to get those nice cornrows.  Also look for an erode/dilate plugin and experiment with that.

Don't be shy about reusing buildings with minor changes. People are not very observant.

Make liberal use of the "pothole" road textures, they can give you some interesting looks. I often see country roads with a meter or so of gravel on the side irl. 

You can make it look like you have drainage ditches on roadsides via alternating light and dark grass.

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Yes still working on it!

I had a long hiatus as I could not spend so much time on it, but I'm back at it.


I want to publish the map around the end of next months (my father is eager to try it too, so I need to kick myself in the butt), but for that I need to make sure every road lead somewhere (and there are tons of it), and that the game is playable (ressources have to be spread throughout the map). If possible i woul like to hyave the basic layout for cities but it might be unrealistic.


Anyhow, TLDR: I will post it next month on the workshop so you can all tell me how broken the map is! :D


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On 2/26/2019 at 4:38 AM, Ayrton Orio said:

Anyhow, TLDR: I will post it next month on the workshop so you can all tell me how broken the map is! :D


I've been checking back here every couple days because I am beyond hyped to give this map a spin.   (clyde)

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I will have to wait a little before releasing the map (much to my dislike frankly), I have been facing computer issues far beyond my knowledge and a ton of work for food related matters...

But I think I can share where the work is and why I need to wait a little before releasing it.


1) The original map had some game design flaws (too tight roads, too dense urbanization, inconsistent building placements, and many more)  that I expected and that's why I first worked on a portion of the final map I wanted to make where i wanted to make as many mistakes as possible and test the engine. The bad news is that it made me start from scratch, the good news is that the map went from 9km2 to 180km2 (admittedly with quite a lot of water body but probably around 100 km2 of land.) Here is a screenshot to show comparison:

in red is the original map size. I used Cherbourg mostly because you can skew slightly its structure to make most of the city face north...



As I have resetted the buildings placement I now have to provide at least a few locations scattered around the map, connected with roads that all lead to somewhere to make it playable. It should not take too long but I first have to fix my graphic card issue to deal with the map size.

Here is a few examples of locaations you will find:


small and large towns



Harbours for sea, rivers and lakes



More dense and diverse forest areas (on the left is the future horse riding center)



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salt marsh



Remade light house



naturally protected areas



Gulf course!


Those screenshot come from the test map that is quite detailed, the rest are previews from the rest of the map






large hedge row and fields



here you can see how I tried to simulate oceanic influence to help sell the seaside before you see the water



the last on is to show how much of a mess Cherbourg is for now, but I found a few "clever" way to populate it quite quickly.



2) I have also been working with Mr Danny ( link) on creating new car models, suited for France.

Renault 4L




On the last image you can see the rust map as well. Some of the maps still need to be done...


Citroen 2CV




and later on Citroen DS



A cargo version of each is planned eventually. (maybe a rally version too!)



TLDR: I will release the map when I have added POI to the extended map and when the 2CV and 4L vehicle will be ready to go.




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