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Hydrocraft Add-On Mod

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Hi all,


I'm currently working on a mod that will expand/nerf the farming aspect of Hydrocraft.


Farming, raising animals and all things related was always my favorite part of Hydrocraft, so I wanted to add some realism and more dimensions to it. I'm planning on a lot of features, but I'm posting this topic here to see if there's any interest/and or if anyone has any ideas of additional features I should work on.


Here's a list of the stuff I'm working on now. I'm currently working on cows, since if I only work on one species at a time hopefully after I get all of the aspects working I can copy/paste it into the other species much easier.


Cow Changes:


Finished Items:

- Bull takes 3 days to recover from breeding.

- Cow takes 14 days to recover from breeding.

- All animals make sounds when they change states.

- Calves take 28 days to age into cows.

- Cows have randomized calves when breeding, or no calf at all.


To-Do Items:

- More cow breeds.

- New sprite art.

- Bulls and steers weigh more than cows and produce more meat.

- Milk breeds produce more milk longer, and less meat than meat breeds.

- Young cows. (maybe)

- Milk cows only once per day.


I don’t know how to do this Yet Items:

- Cows and bulls become hungry in any state. (The problem with this is complicated. I haven't wrapped by brain around it yet)

- Make steers.

- Small chance of cows getting sick every day.

- Cows on grass tiles will need to be fed less often than cows not on grass or indoors.

- Interacting with bulls gives a small chance of getting hurt. (maybe)

- A way to make breeding more beneficial than foraging. (ideas?)

- Cows become pregnant. (I have the code for this but the recipe keeps breaking when I use it. I need to keep tweaking it to get it working)


Not Currently Do-Able Items:

- Communicable disease.



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I just want you all to know I'm still working on this, but the going is slow. Starting this project has made me realize that my brain wasn't made to understand lua, =P


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