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NPC survivors/bandits


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Hi I understand that at this current time the vehicle thing is under going some major changes at the moment so I don't expect anything too soon but after you guys are done on that could you maybe consider adding in some NPC's.


Survivor NPC's


The last mention I ever saw of it was somewhere around 2015 I believe (off the top of my head) but I think it would make the game that little bit more fun to play.


Imagine if you could go into town find some more survivors who are scavenging for loot and band together to block off an entire area of a city to yourselves creating a safezone for all the people you gather.


Now of course banding together should have it's downfalls too like feeding the survivors caring for their medical needs and such but it's upsides could be maybe putting them to work and getting a base down quicker assigning them jobs such as farming, building, looting missions and anything else you could think of.


Bandit NPC's


So I find that personally once you have a base setup with large wooden walls, the zombies seem to be pretty ineffective of destroying it so I figure why not add some NPC groups of bandit survivors who will actively seek out players and their bases to attack. Maybe destroy of few of those walls a lot quicker than any of the zombies could by using sledgehammers or something.


And have a few roaming bandit groups too who make a lot of noise with their guns or weapons so that you know who to stay clear of.




Anyways I'm gonna wrap this up, as I said I understand that the vehicle thing is undergoing some major work so take your time guys. I've got nearly 200 hours in this game and it's still addicting as hell and I love it.


I know all of the above that I've mentioned is a f**k ton of work in regards to coding it all and I don't expect Rome to be built in a day but please consider adding the NPC's soon once you're done with the vehicle changes as I'd love to be able to do something other than survive as it's becoming quite stale personally.


But yeah... keep on doing what you guys are doing I love the game and fully support any of the work you guys do. I'm not really a forum guy so I don't know if I'll be too active but I hope the right people see this post.


Peace guys!

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6 hours ago, aaronwhitchurch said:

Such a mod already exists. It's pretty good. Not anywhere near what the devs are working towards, but that isn't what Nolan was aiming for anyway. 



They are a bit buggy and unfinished, but hell, game with them becomes real surpise, that's great. I can come to the still standing NPC with pistol, and he just shoot in my head.. Why? I don't know, but that forced me to find tweezers, not sit on my ass.

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