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Eric Green

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This is how Eric Green died.

Mode = Six Months Later

Starting Conditions = Hardcore

Spawn = Riverside

 – No online map –  Hardcore reloading - No ‘one hit kill stabs’ – No destroying stairs – No climbing up sheet ropes –


Random spawn character- Burger Flipper

Bad Traits – Obese, Slow Healer, Smoker

Good Traits – Cook, Cat’s Eyes, Dextrous, Light Eater, Gymnast, Hiker, Wakeful

Starting Weight = 105


[I really have no idea how Eric has survived for 6 months? I don’t think he’s going to survive another 6 hours!]


Week 01


Week 01

Eric the Improbable vs the Undead Horde

Build - 38.22

Day 1.  

Plan – Assess the situation.


Action – Looted spawn house. [Which had OK loot in.] Started looting and kept moving. [I was cold, wet and surrounded by undead.] Tried to loot a row of shops with limited success. [Shops like ‘Hugo Plush’ & ‘Time 4 Sport’.] I also found lots of nails in a cake shop?] Tried and failed to loot a school & ended up finding the river. Followed the River East. Ended up in a posh fenced in housing area. [Could be relatively safe or a death trap?] Cleared the nearest posh house. Found a dead man in the kitchen with loads of guns. [Hopefully this will be my safe-house.] Had a nap in the posh house. [With too many zombies outside to feel safe.] Woke up agitated. [Would kill for a cigarette right now.] Made a spiked baseball bat and headed down stairs. Reached the bottom in time to see a group of zombies smash their way in. I kill them and the others outside. Then I went looting across the street. 


Key Loot – canned food, crowbar, school bag, chocolate, box of nails, claw hammer x3, baseball bat, shotgun, pistol, box of 9mm, box of .308 bullets, box of .223 bullets,

Food eaten – chips, chocolate,


Kill count - 31

Total Kills – 31




Day 2.  

Plan – Turn posh house into safe-house. Clear and loot the area around the Posh house. [Hopefully the fencing around the area will slow down the flow of traffic or at lease limit It’s direction.]   


Action – Started storing my loot at the Posh house. Went out zombie killing. [Attacking them through the fence is a nice safe way of picking them off.] I break my bat and a hammer, but they keep coming. I find time for a nap. [I’m already depressed and in desperate need of some smokes.] When I wake it’s raining and cold. [I’m running out of food fast and I get swamped by zombies every time I leave the Posh house.] I sneak into next-door and find some good loot. Get back and patch up my broken windows with some planks I found. [Maybe I need to be a fat ninja?]


Key Loot – digital watch, canned food, whisky, screwdriver, claw hammer, planks,

Food eaten – chocolate, pickle, canned tuna, beef jerky,


Kill count - 43

Total Kills – 74




Day 3.  

Plan – Slowly kill more zombies. Try and sneak out and loot.


Action – I sneak next-door again and have a near miss while fighting some zombies upstairs. [It’s become eerily quiet out on the street.] I start looting another house and hear gunshots. I run out of the house to be met by a wave of zombies heading down my street. I head the direction they are coming from, dodging left and right firing my pistol. [I need to lead they away from my posh house. This is made much harder by the fencing around the area. There are limited directions to escape which is fun and risky] I find a quiet spot after losing the horde. I loot a little as I loop around and head home. [turns out my crazy plan worked but almost got me killed. I now know there is a horde inside the fenced area and one outside it. What could possibly go wrong?] I go to sleep and wake up a nervous wreck. I go out Looting for a bit. [By the time I get back I’m getting a tad weepy.] I drink a bottle of wine and go to sleep.


Key Loot – claw hammer x3, box of nails, canned food, whisky,

Food eaten – chocolate x2,


Kill count - 48

Total Kills – 122



Day 4.  

Plan – Explore outside the fenced area.


Action – Travelled West down a small path that lead me out of the fenced area. Tried looting but gave up and headed towards home because there were zombies everywhere. On the way I spotted a boarded-up house. After dispatching the residents, I was rewarded with food and guns. [Guns and Food everywhere.] I try again to venture out and about but only end up running around like a headless chicken. I return to my street and the endless task of killing.


Key Loot – loads of canned food, shotgun x2, box of shotgun shells x2,

Food eaten – chips,


Kill count - 51

Total Kills – 173



Day 5.  

Plan – Battle to keep my street safe. [I have a steady flow of zombies walking down my street. If I leave my street I am quickly overwhelmed by zombies.]


Action – I fight the waves of zombies until I need a rest. [I’m severely depressed.] I go into my safe-house and find it full of zombies. I try and take them on and get my arm scratched. [Is this the end of Eric?] I run outside and bandage my arm. I run back in and finish them all off. After I secure my premises I go to bed. [The flow of undead steadily growing faster outside.] I wake to the sound of groans and banging. I get down stairs to find my home full of zombies. [I almost run back upstairs but decide against it.] I sprint out the hole where my front door used to be. After taking a moment in the rain, I head back inside to sort shit out. [Well my Posh house is a bloody mess now. My scratch is infected! Hopefully not the really bad kind of infection. The zombies are relentless.] After seeing to my guests, I continue the street war. [I’ve won the battle but I’m losing the war.]


Key Loot – normal hiking bag,

Food eaten – chips x3, canned sardines x2,  


Kill count - 72

Total Kills – 245



Day 6.  

Plan – Do what I can to continue killing. [Not sure how much longer I can keep this up for.]


Action – After a bit of work on the street it all goes quiet, so I go to get some much-needed rest in the Posh house. [The good news is my infected arm has got better.]  I dissemble everything I can to get enough planks to double barricade all the downstairs windows. [up until now I’ve only had a single plank barricading each window.] I barricade the empty door frame with tables and hope for the best. I get some sleep. I go out into the street and all is quiet still. [feels like the calm before the storm. Perhaps I should add a 3rd plank to all the windows?]


Key Loot -

Food eaten – chips, canned corned beef,


Kill count - 38

Total Kills – 283







Day 7.  

Plan – Keep on killing


Action – [The Storm comes!] First there is thunder and lightning, then a helicopter turns up. [Jesus jumped up Christ this is not the time to be dicking about in a bloody helicopter!] I run upstairs and grab my shotgun. I sit and wait until it flies away. [There is movement outside, but I can’t tell if it’s 1 or 2 groups or a horde?] The chopper starts circling the area. [I start pooping my pants.] I block off the landing with tables and chairs. [I’m ready for a last stand if it comes to that.] The storm gets worse, but the chopper goes away. I start killing off all the small groups that have come to see what’s happening. [it’s tipping it down but luckily no horde turned up.] I take shelter in the house across the street and wait for the rain to stop. Once the storm had passed I went out and discovered some large groups of zombies. [Too many to kill.] I shout and lead them away but soon find myself surrounded. I zig zag my way down the street dodging Death until I break free into open space. I start looping back around to try and find my way home. It’s a long walk home and when I get there my backdoor has been smashed apart. [But no one’s home!?] I go to bed after a long week.


I wake to the sound of an alarm bell! [What the hell I haven’t set any alarm!?] I desperately open the bedside table draw to find an alarm clock going off! [DING DING DING DING] I finally manage to turn it off. [BANG….. BANG BANG] I slowly make my way down the stairs with my trusty claw hammer in hand. [Surely it's not a whole Horde down there???]   


Key Loot -

Food eaten – canned corned beef, chips x2,

Weight – 102.6


Kill count - 24

Total Kills - 307








Week 02


Week 02

Moving On


Build – 38.22

Day 8.  

Plan – Get down stairs.


Action –  I slowly creep down the stairs. It looks like only a couple of zombies are banging on my windows, so I pop out to stop them. Once outside I’m jumped by a large group and must push my way free. [That was sloppy of me.] I back up and lead them away and continue defending my street. [I’m running out of blunt objects to hit zombies with but luckily one drops me an axe.] I find an axe and start using it to chop heads. [Then I pick up something even better, cigarettes! I finally found someone that didn’t chain smoke all there cigs as soon as the apocalypse started!!!] I have a rest and a much-needed smoke, but I’m soon disturbed by some zombies that want to die. I go home for a nap. [I snuggle up to my axe in bed.] In the house next-door I find a locked door I had not noticed before, I smash it open with my crowbar to find a dead woman. Later that day I make an incredibly difficult decision and turn 1 of my 2 bottles of whisky into a Molotov. [If I get trapped in a room like that poor lady I’m going to go out in a blaze of glory. Not hide and starve to death.] A bit more killing then a bit more resting. [By the end of the day the axe in boke, but it was a good day because I got some smokes.]       


Key Loot – axe, pistol, pistol ammo,

Food eaten – canned corned beef, chips x2,


Kill count - 69

Total Kills – 376



Day 9.  

Plan – I’ve run out of ideas


Action  Went out and did some killing. Came home to sleep. Went out killing. Came home to sleep.


Key Loot

Food eaten – canned spaghetti, canned potato, 


Kill count - 42

Total Kills – 418




Day 10.  

Plan – Assess the situation. [Time to try and come up with a plan.]


Action  Went out clearing the street. Came home and went back out. Broke into a barricaded house to the North but ran off before getting any good loot. Popped home to sleep. Woke up to face another wave of zombies. Looted the Barricaded house. Back home I think about what to do next. 


[I can’t keep doing this. Sooner or later I’m going to lose control of the street or lose a fight. The zombies are not going to stop until I’m dead/undead. I need to get to a quiet spot and start again.]


Key Loot – loads of canned food, box of shotgun shells,

Food eaten – canned potato, canned tomatoes, chips,


Kill count - 32

Total Kills – 450



Day 11.  

Plan – Grab food and guns before traveling South.


Action – My plans to leave are held up by a storm. [I smoke and watch the rain.] some zombies turn up and bang on my windows. I pop out into the rain to deal with them. [The storm drags on. I don’t think the weather wants me to leave the Posh house. But finally, it stops.] I travel West out of the fenced housing area until I reach a road that heads South. I come across a T-junction and turn East. I follow the road for miles. [I’m starting to regret following this road. I know there is a Golf Club near Riverside and I was hoping that this road would lead there. But it feels like I’m just traveling to West Point. Going to have to turn back soon.] I notice a lane leading into the woods and travel down it. [This lane might go to the Golf Club or certain doom?] I continue down the path. [I start to encounter lots of zombies. This path must lead somewhere good then!? I sneak past them all.] I get to a small house. After leading a small horde away, I get to work. I rip up all the floor boards until I have a plank over each window. [It’s a small single storey house surrounded by zombies but it’s all I have right now.] I Get some sleep.   


Key Loot –  big hiking bag,

Food eaten – chips x2, canned corned beef,


Kill count – 11

Total Kills – 461


Day 12.  

Plan – Explore the area. [Hopefully find the Golf Club.]


Action – I find 2 small houses, 2 trailer homes and a small fruit & veg place. [It seems like I have successfully found nowhere.] I barricade a small house near 2 trailer homes. [because there are less zombies around.] Unfortunately, the place has no bed and I lack the skills to move one. [looks like I’m going to be sleeping on a wooden chair in my new Nowhere home.] I get some sleep.


Key Loot – canned food, nails, hammer, pickles, chocolate, engineering magazine (smoke bomb),

Food eaten – chips, pickles, canned sardines, canned chilli,


Kill count –  26

Total Kills – 487


Day 13.  

Plan – Work on my home and work out how long I can stay here.


Action – I collect some boxes and stuff from the trailer homes for my Nowhere house, then have a nap on my chair. I loot the area again and get some bits and bobs. [I can’t just survive here, going to have to go back to Riverside to get food. There really is not much out here, but it’s relatively zombie free.] I return to my chair to sleep.


Key Loot – charcoal x2, fishing net trap, fishing line, extinguisher,

Food eaten – canned chilli, canned corned beef,


Kill count - 4

Total Kills – 491





Day 14.  

Plan – Return to the Posh house to grab supplies. [I don’t have much food but more importantly I don’t have many cigarettes left! I have got over my depression by smoking daily.]


Action -  I take a risk and follow a different road out of Nowhere, heading North. It luckily leads me back to the South of Riverside. The street is empty when I get there, so I get in and get out fast with a hiking bag full of canned food. [Wow that was a long walk.] Back at the Nowhere house I unpack and read a bit before going to sleep. [Reading a foraging book. Not sure if that’s going to be any good in the winter?]


Key Loot -

Food eaten – canned corned beef, canned potatoes, canned peas,

Weight – 98.49


Kill count – 0

Total Kills – 491


[I’ve escaped the street but now I need to survive in the middle of nowhere somehow? Next week I will begin my quest for ‘The Sacred Cigarettes of Joy’]









Week 03


Week 03
The Quest for the Sacred Cigarettes

Build –  38.22


Day 15.   

Plan –  Go forth and acquire cancer sticks. [Going to pop into town and pick up some smokes.]


Action – Grabbed some basic supplies and had a smoke. [4 cigs remaining] .] I get to Riverside and loot a large kind of hall place. While looting i find a saw, kill a zombie and acquire 20 sacred cigarettes! [Wow that was a quick and easy quest!?] Then i find a sledgehammer. [What the hells going on!!! i'm finding everything in here. Need an axe next] I start to barricade the Hall in the hope that it could be a safe place to sleep. Zombies storm the place before i get a chance to rest so i move on. I loot the Drug sore and grab a first aid kit and as many pills as I could. It gets late and I get sleepy so I go back to the Posh House to sleep. 


Key Loot –  saw, sledgehammer, cigarettes, nails, canned food, cooking pot, baseball bat, first aid kit, lots of drugs, 
Food eaten –  canned peas, chips x2,  


Kill count - 12
Total Kills – 503


Day 16.   

Plan –  Take my loot back to Nowhere. 


Action – In the morning i find myself back out on the street killing again. [I thought that i'd got away from all this?] After traveling back to Nowhere i barricade one of the trailer homes so i can sleep in a bed. I have a good nights sleep and finish reading 'foraging for beginners' in the morning. 


Key Loot – 
Food eaten – canned chili, cereal, 


Kill count -  12
Total Kills –  515



Day 17. (Christmas Day)

Plan – Find the river or a lake. [I think I'm near the river? But if i'm going to live here i'm going to need water.]


Action – I travel Northeast, it doesn't take long to reach the river. [That was easy.] Traveled back to Riverside to try and loot the highstreet. In town i pick up some nice new clean clothes before finding a quiet little house to sleep in. [Merry Christmas me, I found loads of booze.]

Key Loot – clean clothes, canned food, whisky x2, wine, box of 9mm x2,   


Food eaten –  canned mushroom, cupcake x3, chips, kettle x2, cooking pot, saucepan, 


Kill count - 24
Total Kills – 539



Day 18.   

Plan – Travel back to Nowhere and collect some water from the river. Going to need to find some wood for a fire as well.


Action – Walked the long way home to avoid the busy high street. I collect some water from the river when i get back, but i failed to find any wood to make a fire. So I disassemble cupboards and Doors to get some planks for a fire. By the end of the day i have boiled 2 kettles, 2 sauce pans and a cooking pot of water. Time to sleep. [I have plenty of food and water now but i need to stock up on cigarettes.]   


Key Loot – 

Food eaten –  chips, can of oats, 


Kill count – 0
Total Kills – 539






Day 19.   

Plan – Get to town, get cigarettes, get axe, get home, get sleep. 


Action – In town i find a high school, grab some books and loot a couple of houses. It gets late so i find a place to sleep in Riverside. [It's risky sleeping in Riverside but I'm too lazy to walk back to Nowhere all the time.] 


Key Loot – whisky, canned food, books, 9mm x5, pistol, 
Food eaten – chips, can of oats, 


Kill count – 30
Total Kills – 569



Day 20.   


Plan – Keep looting.


Action – It rains all morning and most of the afternoon. So I spend my time inside reading. I travel West and find some shops once the rain stops. [After finding 40 cigarettes i do a little dance.] I discover a pub but i'm too overloaded to take all the whisky. [I need to return here soon! I also know that there is a large warehouse near here.] I travel through woods and fields until i reach a house out in the countryside. I store my books and food then make the place safe. After a bit of reading i go to bed.   


Key Loot - cigarettes x40, canned food, box of nails, fishing rod x2, fishing line, 
Food eaten – can of oats, chips,  


Kill count - 3
Total Kills – 572



Day 21.   


Plan – Go and loot the warehouse.


Action - I get to the warehouse and put all the good stuff in a crate. Barricaded the building and build a tent on the roof. [I found 2 sledgehammers but no axe. I also left all my food back at the country house.] I have a nap in my new tent and get back to the Country House. [looks like the Country House is going to be a nice new safe-house.] I barricade my new safe-house some more and make plans for next week.    


Key Loot - sledgehammer x2, shovel x2, trowel, box of shotgun shells, box of nails x 3, saw, tent, 
Cigarettes - 47

Food eaten – pickles x2, pop, cupcake, chips,
Weight – 97.45


Kill count – 5
Total Kills - 577








Week 04


Week 04
Back to School


Build –  38.30

Day 22.   


Plan –  Return to the High School in search of more books.


Action - Traveled to the High School and started to clear it. After a long fight at the school i get tired, so i barricade myself into an up stairs classroom and go to sleep. The school is not safe but i kind of like it.  


Key Loot –  cigarettes x20, 
Food eaten –  cupcake, chips x2, 


Kill count - 57
Total Kills –  634



Day 23.   
Plan –  Clear the school.


Action – Got to work clearing the school but after hours of mindless violence I give up. It is clear that the school is going to fill up with zombies faster than I can kill them. Although the school does have a fenced off field at the back which is interesting. I travel West to the pub to get some sleep. The school is not safe but it could be useful?


Key Loot – 
Food eaten –  chips x3, 


Kill count - 72
Total Kills –  706

Day 24.
Plan –  Go back to school and make some noise. I want to trap as many undead in the school playing field as i can. 


Action – Back at school I start to barricade doors, windows and block corridors with tables. It gets late so i sleep at the school. 


Key Loot – 
Food eaten –  chips x2, canned potato, 


Kill count - 11
Total Kills –  717



Day 25.   
Plan –  Finnish off blocking corridors then use myself as live bait. 


Action –  Got ready to start making some noise and realized i had forgot my shotgun. Traveled to the Country House but there was no shotgun. Traveled to the Warehouse but there was no shotgun. Traveled back to the Country House to sleep.  


Key Loot – 
Food eaten –  chips x2, 


Kill count –  3
Total Kills –  720



Day 26.   
Plan – Go Back to school and make do with my pistol. 


Action – Wake up to a nice cold snow covered day. I sneak into school and set up two alarm clocks at the backdoor. [Set to go off in a couple of hours.] As I move back into the building the zombies have already smashed through my makeshift defenses. I draw my pistol and start to fire. I lead them down the main corridor. At the backdoor i try and toss a Molotov into the mob but it hits the roof and explodes into flames around me. I flee the school and head to the far end of the playing field. it doesn't take me long to break through the fence with my sledgehammer and escape. 
Back at the Country House I set up a mouse trap and chill out. Then i loot a nearby house and pull up some of my floor boards to make a fire.  I go to sleep but wake up freezing cold so i warm myself by my new fire. After warming up i make a stick trap out the back of the house.  


Key Loot – 
Food eaten – canned carrots,  canned corn, 


Kill count – 6
Total Kills –  726




Day 27.   
Plan – Return to the area around the school to inspect the damage and hopefully do some looting.


Action – Traveled to school but could not get a good look because there were too many zombies around it. but the plan had kind of worked because there were some empty areas around it. I found a Giga Mart near the school with lots of good loot in. Did a bit more looting on the way back to the Country House. This included grabbing the Whisky from the pub. To make things even better i have a dead mouse waiting for me back home.  I get a good nights sleep, 


Key Loot - shotgun shells x48, cigarettes x 80, baseball bat, tons of junk food, loads of, whisky x3, wine x2, pickles,  dead mouse, 
Food eaten –  tin of tuna, cupcake x2, peanuts, 


Kill count - 8
Total Kills – 734



Day 28.   
Plan – Get some work done around the house. 


Action - I do some bits around the house and scout the area. 


Key Loot -
Cigarettes - 112
Food eaten – can of oats, 

Weight – 95.9


Kill count – 0
Total Kills - 734


[Got food, drink and smokes. things are looking good.] 












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