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How do you Check your Version for Project Zomboid?



I'm still kind of new to PZ and I have no idea how to check my version of project zomboid. Why i am writing this is because I want to post a bug report, and is apparently mandatory to know what it is.

I have checked both the tech faq and the gen faq and i couldn't seem to find the question.




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If you have the most recent version of PZ you're in If you're not at the most recent version, you should try to replicate it on the most recent version first to make sure it hasn't been fixed. In the future the game will say in the bottom right hand corner what version it is, for now you just need to remember what you downloaded. That being said if you really have no idea what version you're on you can post the bug report anyways and just mention that in the thread. Also, welcome to the forums!



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