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I Am Legend Mod-On behalf of some other guy who came up with this first.

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The idea is to make a world where all zombies are entirely absent during the daylight hours, they would flee, and coop up and hide indoors. The zombies would also be blinded, during the day no matter what, and they would be more unaware of their surroundings. It'd be interesting as hordes coop up inside buildings leaving you to scavenge outside, foraging, chopping, building. During the day, they leave. They are fast, strong, good hearing, sight...etc. Yet the only thing that'll effectively keep them at bay, is light.

I know this is possible, there's a mod that can make hordes go indoors when it rains. Why not? Or devs who read this, why not?

Plus the gameplay would be interesting, you can loot most interiors during the night, when the power goes out, you'll need to scavenge batteries, gasoline, flashlights. At day, it's sort of a break. Everything outside is free to keep. You can look through windows, break doors, the infected won't give a shit, until night. They can pillage your base, the day will kill them, you will be killed by them.

Can somebody actually do this?

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This has been suggested in the past, as well as requested in the mod section.  The biggest challenge is, finding someone with the time/skills to make it happen. Is it possible? Probably from a technical standpoint, and it might even get easier to do after features have been completed and the game moved into beta status. (Technically speaking, Project Zomboid is still an alpha.)






Mod Request: 


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There is a mod somewhere on the workshop that does something similar to this. 


Dynamic Zombies (combination of the next two)

Noctournal Zombies

Restless Zombies


Though those do not make them go away....


I think those are about the only ones now. I thought I had seen one on the workshop that made zombies attracted to buildings during certain conditions but cant find it now. Maybe it broke and is not unlisted or something. 

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