Vehicle Beta Build 39
[New] Many and varied FPS optimizations. Please let us know how the version plays now!c Added a new Vehicle Tutorial window (F1 screen/Survival guide). This opens automatically the first time you start a game. Added "ItemNumbersLimitPerContainer" server option. It should be used to limit the numbers of items possible into one container. Moved the Vehicle Enabling/Disabling tickbox on the main screen to a new Gameplay tab on the Options menu. Moved Reloading tab in Options into a new Gameplay tab. Vehicles are now enabled by default in SP & MP. Added multiple new framerate lock possibilities in the options, including uncapped option. Added a SpeedLimit server options, with the default being 80. Removed MP car speed limit of 55 mph. Added an offRoadEfficiency property for some cars. Added a speed multiplier for the speed gauge (x1.5). UI ingame renders to a separate texture FBO at a lower framerate for optimisation purposes (may need some rebalancing / fixing) Car spawn zone added to small settlement south of Riverside. Applied model.scale for vehicle part models (i.e. tires).
[Balance] VehiclesDisable server option renamed as EnableVehicles. Increased odds/location where milk will spawn. Put some of the UI images into a .pack to improve performance. Updated close, pin and unpin UI icons. Changed trunk lid damaged information. Changed plant info "???" into "Unknown". When out of gas Mechanic info now reads "Out of Gas (0/xx)" instead of simply "0 / xx". Nerfed the sped at which clothes become dirty. Changed texture of removed windows/doors from jet black to a dark grey while we don't have interior textures. This should look less ugly. General damage balance. Nerfed car's damage if you hit something at low speed. Increased radio transmission range for walkie-talkies etc. Since radios were added the map has grown, and the tranmission ranges had not been adjusted to fit it.
[Bug Fix] Fixed seats in the Switch Seats UI not being aligned. Fixed removing rear windshield on the SUV showing that the rear windows had been removed. Fixed uninstalling rear windshield of CarStationWagon resulting in removal of left/right boot windows and not the back window. Fixed vehicle models sometimes being drawn too small in MP. Fixed objects destroyed by vehicles not being removed on the server. Fixed physics not updating on the server when objects were created/destroyed. Fixed Vehicles without drivers not damaging zombies. Fixed vehicle sounds not stopping when a vehicle was removed. Fixed server spamming UpdateFlags.Lights packets while headlights were on. Fixed duplicate vehicles caused by a checksum bug. Fixed VehicleCache not handling removed vehicles, and not being cleared after exiting. GC fixes. Fixed memory leak with VehicleParts on the client. Fixed memory leak with IsoZombies and SoundBankEmitters created by IsoDeadBody. Fixed resize behavior in NewGameScreen. Fixed vehicle cheat-repair not fixing broken door locks. Fixed keys being removable while starting a vehicle. Fixed context menu for curtains showing when standing outside a building. Fixed server logs being spamming by Zzzzzz & radio static sounds. Fixed resetting server option to default value in admin ui. Fixed IsoSprite.canBeRemoved not being set. Fixed UIManager.useUIFBO getting set to true in MainScreenState Missed part of WindowN/W fix Fixed WindowN/W sprite properties changing from String to IsoFlagType. Fixed noclip players colliding with vehicles. Fixed Disassemble option showing for partially-destroyed multi-tile objects. Fixed pathfinding info not updating when objects are destroyed by fire. Fixed player sneak animation playing too rapidly at certain angles with the controller. Fixed (removed) nightlengthmodifier as a command as it's now a server option. Fixed flipped vehicle textures by updating vehicle models and textures Fixed squares not updating as time passes due to caches. Fixed UITransition and RadialMenu for every-so-often ui updates. Fixed processing events while loading .pack files to avoid Windows thinking the game is not responding. Fixed floor shading drawn on highlighted floors (as is done for walls already). Fixed flickering door highlight when a key-tooltip is displayed. Fixed flashing container/tutorial objects. Fixed zombies pushing the player they're attacking. Fixed boolean server options accepting any string. Fixed zombies snapping upright after getting run over while getting up. Fixed Savefiles from newer versions of the game throwing errors - instead they just won't be loaded. Fixed reloadVehicles() debug command not reloading textures. Fixed vehicles steering at different rates depending on framerate.