Build Vehicle 34:   [New] Added car overlay in the vehicle Mechanics UI. (Scaling isn't done properly yet, it should be less blurry in the next update) Added /addvehicle server command to spawn a new vehicle. Added ClientCommandFilter server option to reduce vehicle-related cmd.txt spam. Added trunk lids that may be opened/closed/locked/unlocked. Fixed pathfinding bugs with solidtrans objects adjacent to windows. Display progress when converting an old save to a new world version. Added font-size option for inventory (and carpentry) tooltips. Save chunks even if none need loading. Added rear windows on small car. Radios can now be uninstalled or installed, it'll appears as an inventory item like battery, etc. Police car, fire dept... Will spawn with Ham Radio.   [Bug Fix] Fixed key binding for the horn still causes it to occur while the chat panel is active. Fixed zombies not seeing a player that respawned after death in-game. Fixed player respawning in safehouse when SafehouseAllowRespawn=false. Fixed crafting sometimes taking tool from a bag when one is in main inventory. Fixed player facing the wrong way when turning a stove on/off. Fixed Loot Window displaying the "Transfer All" button which does nothing. Fixed exception loading a vehicle with its sirens turned on. Fixed server exception when player exited a vehicle. Fixed trunk condition after repair not being synced in multiplayer. Fixed "VehicleManager.clientReceiveUpdate get invalid data" when starting vehicles. Fixed player position being outside the vehicle when they're inside in multiplayer. Fixed clients disconnecting while in a vehicle still occupying a seat. Prevent dragging window resize handle off the bottom of the screen. Fixed exception in RandomizeModel due to unknown vehicle script. Fixed jumbo trees not having physics. Fixed not exiting a vehicle when the door is locked. Fixed multiplayer exception when opening a vehicle's trunk. Fixed player actions not working after trying a walk-to action while in a vehicle. Check for -novoip in three more places. Fixed "ran out of unique zombie id numbers" by limiting real zombies to 32768. Fixed exception loading chunks in multiplayer due to from loot-respawn changes. Fixed "ERROR sendItemsToContainer invalid object index" in console. Fixed radio/tv static sounds not respecting different framerates. Fixed trees lack collision in game worlds created prior to build 39.33. Fixed Override:true not working for recipes with "." in the name. Fixed zombies being attracted to lightswitches at night when the lightswitch was loaded/synced. Fixed Obsolete:true in recipes not working with translated recipe names. Fixed burnt/survivor/stash houses not always spawning. Fixed vehicle displayed container weight not being adjusted for Organized/Disorganized traits. Fixed object loaded size does not equal save size. Hopefully Linux dedi server are working now.