Build Vehicle 31:   [New] Added a zombie house alarm triggering sandbox options, default false, set it to true to allow zombies to trigger alarms by entering houses.   [Balance] Rebind default horn hotkey to Q (same as "shout").   [Bug Fix] Fixed Mechanics skill books disappearing after reading. Fixed broken-lock window sync in multiplayer. Fixed new object-sync code not updating the Loot Window. Fixed "template!" calls setting gearRatio to default values. Fixed Cars being oversized on 1x textures. Fixed street lights always working despite electricity shut-off Fixed null pointer when using horn. Fixed IsoObject sprite name being changed (should fix campfires rain barrels etc) Fixed radios (and other things) not working when placed on the ground in multiplayer. Fixed server exception when removing objects from the map. Fixed audio not being muted in the menu in singleplayer. Fixed the vehicle gauge and dashboard flickering and overlap. Fixed character walking to the front of a vehicle to install tail-lights. Fixed van rear windows requiring a door to be installed, when there are no rear doors. Fixed black paint window frame color issue. Fixed vehicles sometimes respawning loot when they shouldn't. Fixed server not handling multiple containers or vehicle-part containers. Fixed new object-sync code not updating the Loot Window. Fixed the loot window not updating when a vehicle door is opened/closed in multiplayer. Fixed players teleporting in multiplayer while inside a vehicle breaking everything. Fixed zombies only spawning Muldraugh map. Fixed some typos in Sandbox texts.