Build Vehicle 29:   [New] Added ChrisW optimization. Driving in town and being around tall buildings should now produce less dramatic FPS drops. [General streaming performance will still need addressing, and we hope to get a fix in for this later this week] Add darkening to levels below player's z height to help sense of depth between levels. Added a UI option for the air conditioner: heater switch now doubles as air conditioning too. With four different settings, from cold to hot. Having all windows closed will heat up a bit the passengers, having windows opened will cool down passengers & nullify heater. Sleeping in car now act like sleeping on anything else: you can't sleep in pain, in panic or too soon after sleeping already.   [Balance] Balanced car key spawn. Changed vehicle part menu read-out from "Try start..." to "Ignition". Balanced vehicle deceleration: not touching any controls will slowly stop the car, and act less like an active 'brake'. Balanced how the heater changes a car's global temperature. [A hot engine will cool/heat up faster.]   [Bug Fix] Fixed how switching seats in a vehicle could shut off the engine if it wasn't running, attracting zombies. Fixed keys spawning on the ground, in the ignition and on doors not having the car's name. Fixed windshields not having an area set in script with no way to install/uninstall them. Fixed Van having two driver seats. Fixed some bugs in Mechanics tooltips. Fixed putting something on a seat and then removing it making it impossible to uninstall the seat. Fixed entering vehicle via radial menu not working. Fixed some pathfinding error on certain vehicles. Fixed vehicle containers trying to spawn items too often (when sleeping, when loading etc). Optimized item sync optimized. Fixed Mac/Linux Black Screens on collision. Heater is now turned off if car is shut down. Active heater will make the car consume more gas. Fixed Step Van/Step Van Mail having wrong driver seat offset (meaning sometimes can't be entered). Fixed opening car windows not updating car model.