Build Vehicle 25:   [New] Added new burnt car. Added random 2 vehicles crash on roads (quite a low possibility of this) Added vehicle collision to maiboxes/lampposts. Added Mechanic profession & related traits(icons are placeholder). Vehicle Mechanic UI can now be closed by pressing escape. Vehicle Mechanic UI will now be closed if you go too far away from the car. You now gain Mechanic XP when uninstalling and installing a car part, this can only happen once per 24 hours on the same car, but XP will be gained again on a new car. Uninstalling/Installing parts now depends on the part and your Mechanic skill.   [Balance] Optimized Mechanic UI. Optimized some net code for vehicle. Optimized traffic jam spawning. Optimization in the Garbage Collection. Balanced car properties.   [Bug Fix] Added missing translations for car names. Added suspension for taxi2. Fixed small burnt car "flying". Fix (Debug only) for GC triggering every 2-3 seconds. Fixed vehicles Build starting issues on Mac. Fixed some missing MP sync stuff on vehicles. Fixed keys that spawn on the ground were only seen by one player. Fixed memory leaks on server. Fixed burnt car having wrong collision body. Fixed numerous of bugs in vehicle scripts.