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Raymond Campbell

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This is how Raymond Campbell died.

[Possibly related to Bruce?]


Mode = Survival

Starting Conditions = Hardcore

Spawn = Riverside

 – No online map –  Hardcore reloading - No ‘one hit kill stabs’ – No destroying stairs – No climbing up sheet ropes –

Random spawn character- Metalworker

Bad Traits – Slow Healer, Asthmatic, Hearty Appetite, Prone to illness.

Good Traits – Runner, Hunter.

Starting Weight = 80


Week 01

Trailer Trash


Build – Public 38.15

Day 1.  

Plan – Turn spawn house into a Safe-house. Start clearing the area of Zombies. Avoid dying.


Action – Started in a trailer home. [Still going to try and use it as a Safe-house for as long as I can. [I always like to live in my spawn house for a bit.] Looted some of the trailer homes and quickly found a bat. Looted some more and found 3 pistols and some ammo. I manage to clear most of the Zombies around my trailer before getting into bed for a sleep. [It was a good 1st day]


Key Loot – nails, pistol x3, pistol rounds, canned food, baseball bat, needle, tweezers, shotgun shells, mousetrap,

Food eaten –  Cooked meat patty, A Leek, Milk, Beef jerky, Egg plant,


Kill count – 23

Total Kills – 23



Day 2.  

Plan – Clear the area around my trailer more. Loot more. Try to make my trailer safer.


Action – Did some looting and found a dead man in a bathroom with a shotgun and ammo. [looks like he blow his brains out] Looted the next trailer and found a dead man in a bathroom with a shotgun and ammo. [looks like he blow his brains out…. ummmmmm that’s odd but I’m not complaining as I now have tons of guns and ammo.] loot, kill, sleep, loot, kill, loot, set off trailer alarm. I hang around and hope that not too many Zombies show up. Too many Zombies show up. I move in to the trees firing off some shots to lead the horde away from the trailer park. With the horde lead away I head home and sleep.


Key Loot – shotgun x2, shotgun shells, box of pistol ammo x4, pistol rounds, nails, canned food,

Food eaten – Cooked Salmon, cooked pork chops, cooked meat patty, peach,


Kill count – 16

Total Kills – 39



Build – 38.19

Day 3.  

Plan – Find some tools. [I have found lots of food, nails and guns in the trailer park but no tools.]


Action – I travel East out of the trailer park [Scenic Grove] and find a lot of fenced in garages. I set off the alarm at the gate house/office but carry on and loot the garages because I really want a claw hammer. [I only find another baseball bat] Many Zombies gather at the gate but I manage to sprint out. I travel Northwest and find a building with two red garage doors. [the garage doors look shut but a handful of zombies stagger through them to my surprise] Inside I find lots of nails but no hammer. Head North and find a nice dinner. [just as I was starting to get hungry] Head North some more and find a gas station. The alarm goes off at the station but no zombies turn up so I carry on looting. Travel East and find a warehouse. [yay] I’m getting sleepy, so I head to the roof and sleep on a chair.


Key Loot – baseball bat, nails, screwdriver x2, welding rods, metal sheets, axe,

Food eaten –  meat patty, cake, chips x2,


Kill count – 35

Total Kills– 74



Day 4.  

Plan – Get a bed to the Warehouse. Turn Warehouse into safe house.


Action – I wake up to the sound of gun shots and zombie moans. I start to make my way down stairs but there are already zombies on their way up. I go back out onto the roof followed by a steady flow of undead. I start doing laps of the roof as more and more zombies make their way up. When it got too crowded on the roof I make a dash for the stairs and get down safely. I go to leave the warehouse out of a door but it starts raining zombies so I choose a different exit. [well I can’t believe I got out of that without even a scratch] I go back to the trailer park and grab some bags of food I had collected, also pick up a stretcher bed (camp bed). Back at the warehouse I make some noise and lead the large group of zombies away before clearing the stragglers. I set the bed up on the roof [I hope it doesn’t rain] and start looting the warehouse. After getting sleepy I have a nap on the roof in my new bed. [I love stretcher beds]


Key Loot – stretcher bed, [warehouse full of stuff]

Food eaten –  carrots, can of pop, chips x2, canned sardines, mint candy, 


Kill count – 13

Total Kills– 87



Day 5.  

Plan – Carry on sorting out the warehouse.


Action – I collect all the loot from the warehouse. [got all the tools now, even a sledgehammer] Had a nap then went out and chopped down some trees. Used the wood to barricade the warehouse windows. [needed to level up carpentry so I can fix all the broken doors] With the warehouse loot and my new wood I was able to make a tent. After leading a group of zombies away from the warehouse, I put the tent on the roof and go to bed.


Key Loot – shovel x2, trowel x2, claw hammer x2, saw x3, box of nails x4, shotgun shells x24, crowbar x2, sledgehammer, watering can,

Food eaten –  chips, canned tuna, canned corned beef,


Kill count – 00

Total Kills – 87



Day 6.  

Plan –  More work on the warehouse.


Action – I moved crates around the warehouse to slow down any zombie attack. Then slept for a bit. I was getting bored and a little sad so I popped out to kill some zombies. I didn’t find any zombies but I did find a comic in a factory next to my warehouse.  The comic made me happy but I still killed a handful of zombies anyway.


Key Loot – first aid kit, comic,

Food eaten – canned potato, canned chilli, cereal, lollipop, orange,


Kill count – 06

Total Kills – 93



Build 38.20

Day 7.  

Plan – Do more warehouse rearranging and investigate the factory.  


Action – popped over and had a better look around the factory. Traveled Northeast and looted some houses out in the countryside. [still haven’t found town or even any suburbs] Head home to sleep.


Key Loot –  propane torch, digital watch, some food stuff,

Food eaten – avocado, canned soup, chips x2, cereal, 


Kill count – 18

Total Kills – 111

Weight – 84.24


[Week 1 has gone a bit too good. I kind of hope week 2 goes bad.]


Week 02

Finding Riverside


Build 38.22

Day 8.  

Plan – find some houses then loot them. Explore.


Action – Travel back to trailer park and start heading South. Find nothing and start traveling back to the warehouse. [that was a waste of time] I stop by the garages again the loot some bits I missed first time around. Once at the warehouse I have a nap then head back to the countryside houses I found. I go past the houses and walk North for quite a while then take a little road East. I find a pub. [yay, is this Riverside?] find some shops and stuff. [yay] I find the river. [yay]


Key Loot – metal, welding rods x2, clean pants, clean vest, baseball bat, whisky x2, junk food, canned food. Box of nails x2,

Food eaten –  canned corned beef, chips, peach, banana, apple x2,  


Kill count – 16

Total Kills – 127



Day 9.  

Plan – Find Riverside. [I still don’t seem to have found it yet and could really do with finding a map.]


Action – I follow the river East, then Head South and find a gas station. I loot the gas station but fail to find a map. Across the road is a police station. I find some zombies in jail. [I feel like I must be on the edge of Riverside now!?] I get sleepy and find a house. [I must be in Riverside now?] I disassemble a bed to get a plank. Barricade a bedroom window and go to sleep. After waking up and looting some houses I decide that I’m in Riverside and promptly leave. After the long walk back to the warehouse I sleep.     


Key Loot – carpentry for beginners,

Food eaten – chips x2, cupcake, pop, canned soup, pickles,


Kill count – 10

Total Kills – 137



Day 10.  

Plan – Read about carpentry then chop wood and barricade my ass off. [I need to learn how to make doors to keep my warehouse safe]


Action – I read my book about wood. My reading is disturbed by some plonker in a helicopter. The idiot leads some groups of zombies to my warehouse. [annoying but easily cleaned up with a spiked baseball bat.] so he goes away and comes back with a horde. [annoying but made 100 times worse by me getting trigger happy with my shotgun.] After making a lot of noise and moving away from the warehouse I double back to see what the damage is. I kill some of my guests and lead the others away before going to bed.


Key Loot

Food eaten –  chips x3, canned corned beef,


Kill count – 78

Total Kills – 215



Day 11.  

Plan – check out the small horde that seems to have settled in the factory next door. 


Action – I wake up on the roof to see a group of zombies flocking my way across the car park. I go down stairs and dispatch them. After a quick look around the factory I realize that there are zombies everywhere now. I go and read my book on the roof. Gun shots disturb my reading. [this book is cursed] I pop down and deal with the groups that had been attracted by all the noise. Back on the roof I continue reading the doomed carpentry book. [can I just finish my bloody book please] I manage to finish the book then go to bed.      


Key Loot

Food eaten –  chocolate bar, canned carrots, pop, mac & cheese, canned potato, chips,


Kill count – 26

Total Kills – 243



Day 12.  

Plan – Grind Carpentry.


Action – I made a nice [and much needed] patio for my tent on the roof. [I was level 2 carpentry by the end of the day]      


Key Loot

Food eaten –  canned potato, chips x2, canned peas,


Kill count – 00

Total Kills – 243



Day 13.  

Plan – Take my sledgehammer to the garages to loot the shut ones. [I would like to do some metalwork but I have no welding mask] 


Action – shortly after I wake up I hear gun shots. There is only a bit of movement outside so I travel over to the garages and start killing the zombies. After a bit of looting I find a welding mask and leave. Back at the warehouse I play about with metalwork. [I soon discover that I’m going to be doing a lot more carpentry. I think metalwork still needs a bit of work doing on it.]


Key Loot – welding mask, propane torch, metal bits, 

Food eaten –  canned carrots, pop, canned corn, chocolate bar,


Kill count – 13

Total Kills – 256



Day 14.  

Plan – Do some work around the warehouse. [still trying to secure the place.]


Action – Start building some walls on the roof and play about with metalworking a bit more. [and boring house work]   


Key Loot

Food eaten –  can of oats, canned soup,

Weight – 87.85


[A quiet end to a busy week]



Week 03

Hell's Bathroom


Day 15.  

Plan – Find somewhere on the edge of Riverside to setup another safe-house.


Action – travelled back to Riverside and found a nice house. Dissembled everything and ripped up the floor boards until I had a plank barricading each window. After a nap at the new Safe-house I explore the area and realise that the powers off, not sure about the water? I find a dead man with loads of guns. [I really should start using some of these guns because I have a small armoury going on.] I realise that I’m in a nice quiet part of town and head back to the new house to sleep.


Key Loot – canned food, expert metalwork book, Pistol, hunting rifle, varmint rifle, box of 308, 223 ammo x2, 9mm x5,

Food eaten  can of oats, orange x2, soda, banana, 


Kill count – 3

Total Kills 263



Day 16.  

Plan Explore and collect some food.


Action – While looting I open a bathroom door and two zombies burst out. In the scuffle I get scratched on the arm. [I got too complacent] It’s bleeding bad as I put a bandage on it. I then take out my frustration on a group of zombies just outside. [this is never a good idea after getting scratched. I’m in pain and feeling queasy.] I head home and sleep. [I have a fever, I’m agitated and in pain. It’s not looking good.] I rest and eat. [I become stressed and have severe injuries that turn critical.] I drift off to sleep, when I wake up I stagger to the door and repeatedly slam my face into it over and over again.  


Key Loot – bottle of disinfectant (found in the zombie bathroom!),  

Food eaten  chips, cereal, mac & cheese,


Kill count – 8

Total Kills– 271


Survival time - 15 days 9 hours


[wow that went bad fast. I was not expecting to be got by bathroom zombies because it’s almost always crawlers that get me. Doh I never got to use all my guns]



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