Bob & S'Parks Bad Trip
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Hello everyone,


finally I've started creating my own game. (clyde)

It shall be a pixel-art point & click adventure for adults based on Ron Gilberts gamestyle. (I'm not quite sure, if the content will be really only for adults)


There is no test version yet, but already a small  very first footage of Bob in underpants. :D




This is a little roadmap for a first testversion, for testing the menu, items and the enviroment.


- Functional menu + inventory (finished)

- Motion animations for Bob (finished)

- Scenery 1 (Bob's Room) (in progress)

- First inventory items (almost finished)

- Interaction with the environment (in progress)

- Dialogues / Monologues (in progress)

- complete english translation (in progress)

- Clothes for Bob (finished)


I hope, you like what you see so far.


For some more informations check my patreon page.

This will be the page with the most information about the game.


See you



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