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Cell phones as communication in the game


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Hi all. I was playing pz today, and this idea came to me. Cell phone. As i know,  cell phones are now aviable in the game, but thay dont have any use, you can only disassemble it to get some electronic parts. But what im suggesting: give all cell phones a number, so we can use it for communication and other cases. 

So, how it should look like. Cell phone has it own number, that displays when you place cursor on phone in your inventory. Also it has rechengable battery, if you are not using your phone, battery works for 2-3 days, but if you are making calls, it gets discharged preaty fast. Cell pnone should have ability to mute the sound. Also cell phone should be the thing, that easy to find. Maybie there should be a chance to spawn with it in the begining of the game.

Phones and faxes should be placed in homes and offices too, and also has it unique number. 

About usage. Preaty good for multiplayer, if you cant find walkie-talkie, ( which should be harder to find, ) you can make a phone call to communicate with someone. For singleplayer (can be used in mp too ) you probably can make a trap whis this thing. You just put it on the ground, run away, than take another one, and call the first one, it will ring preaty loud, and zombies sure will be interested about this sound. Also you can call from your cell phone on someone home number, and zombies will rush to that house to figure out what is going on. 

Hope you will like it.

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The phones found in game aren't cell phones - they're cordless phones. They're essentially land lines - they wouldn't work outside the house they're found in.


Also, the game's set in 1993. Cellphones did exist in 1993, but they were rare and expensive. A stockbroker or a lawyer might own a cell phone, but the average person would consider them a luxury good. I also can't imagine the reception being very good in rural Kentucky in 1993 either. The cellular phone grid was still restricted to large cities at that point.


Also, even land line telephones aren't working in Project Zomboid. Part of the game's lore is that the telecom network around Muldraugh is currently non-functioning. You can hear this from in-game radios/television. My assumption is that the local phone networks were shut down by the military to prevent news of the zombie outbreak from reaching the greater public.

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Knox telecommunication was working on the landlines and cellphone reception in the Exclusion zone would more than likely be blocked for anyone on that area. (military action/media blackout) 

Here's a full transcript of all the broadcasts regarding the events in the PZ Lore. Enjoy. 


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