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[ IWBUMS ] [ RP PvE ] [ Heavily Restricted PvP ] [ Episodic (Not QUITE 24/7) ] Server host thing seems bugged for me, so... guess I'll just Host and make it "Invite"-based.

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I posted a server thing on the forum yesterday, then realized that the "Host" functions only as an "Invite-Only" kind of thing... that, or nobody just seems interested.


Anyways, I've got a Discord Channel open for those of you who are interested in joining a server dedicated to RP, where PvP is MOSTLY meant for either "Team-Conceded Building Looting" or "Mercy Killing Infected Players".  More info in the server's forum post, which can be found > HERE <.


The Discord, on the other hand, can be found > HERE <.  Feel free to hang with us if you're interested, and even if you don't want to make Project Zomboid your ONLY choice of entertainment, we can expand for more fun and games!


But most of all, have fun, and let us know...


How long will you last, within The_Deadlands.png?

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