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Jerseys/Suits and Ties/Mechanic's Uniform

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As the title suggests, nice slacks, suit jackets and ties on collared shirts (long-sleeved and short-sleeved) for undead office stiffs and players hoping to look a little more classy in the apocalypse, sports jerseys for undead fans and players alike (an opportunity for another Spiffo logo on a shirt), and mechanics' uniforms for the undead mechanics of Knox County (especially taking into consideration the recently added garage and junkyard in Riverside) - Taking inspiration from Left 4 Dead Common Infected.


Short/Long-sleeved shirts, sports jersey, and suit:

Image result for Left 4 Dead common infected


Mechanic's Uniform:

Image result for Left 4 Dead common infected


Sports Jersey:

Image result for Left 4 Dead common infected


Suit and Tie:

Common Suit Male - WIP


Would also be nice to have collared shirts and ties in-game, so as to properly represent this awesome concept art for Zomboid:

Image result for project zomboid concept art

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Not to mention that LFD is also an airborne infection like in PZ,  and I approve of this idea, it would give the game more diversity once animations are out and clothes are a main thing to work on. Having lots of stuff to find in an apocalypse would be cool. You'll find tons of clothes in drawers and such and might miss a gun or ammo since there's actual clothes instead of (2)socks or sweater from time to time XD

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