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Very simple suggestion this time (as i've run a game with Nutrition active for change) :


Add a Nutritionist book in game that learn you the skill (as "The Herbalist" or "How to branch a generator" magazine).


Also add to the description of this item some sentence like the following line : "Learn to know food values and how to reach the 1500 cal./day* you need to stay in shape."


* : it take me some research to exhume the 1500 cal. info (actually from a msg in Steam forum) that allow me to keep my characater near a stable weight... So, yes, it matters to know that particular info IG to stop gain/loss of weight.


I'm still not sure you need to keep geting 1500 cal a day, but you indeed need to go for that amount at some point to reach the stable state on weight balance (in PZ world)...

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