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Weird text adventure thing

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Hey guys. So I recently created my own weird version of Roll to Dodge, it's kinda complex and stuff (so people have said) But I've had no one to actually try it with yet. Was just an open invitation to see if anyone would like to give it a go is all. Just make sure you're a good balance of silly and serious, so you can appreciate the game the most. It'd be best played on some kind of instant messaging platform but I could try and make it work on forum posts too.

Here's the power point with rules etc on it. Also feel free to give me advice on how to streamline it and generally make it better. Do note it is meant for fun and not to be completely serious. I'd be the writer and you the player, but don't mind switching roles every now and again. Mainly the writer to improve my own writing abilities.


Link to the Powerpoint.

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