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Fried Chicken & Package Instructions

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On the way home from work today I got a hankering for some fried chicken and it made me think: "Why doesn't PZ have fried chicken?!"


So additional items:


Vegetable oil



Additional recipes:


Fried anything

Requires: Frying Pan (keep)

                Tongs (keep)

                Meat/Vegetables (consume)

Creates: Fried Meat/Vegetable with happiness + a lot (everyone loves fried foods)


A fun extra could be that low cooking skill promotes house fires!


On another note, since we now have controls for the ovens/microwaves perhaps we can have a right click - read package to get cooking instructions for things like the TV dinners. I seem to burning them a lot more lately lol.

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Many things still need to be added, along with the need to use a fork or spoon in order to increase player happiness for certain foods or more condiments, varied recipes since there's cooking items that could be used for it and more. I would also like to see plates in the game, usable or not, they would still look nice.


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