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I have an idea and issue so instead of making 2 posts i'll put them both in this one :)


O.K issue rhymes with Tissue :D only joking well it does.. but i'm getting of topic sorry so my issue is i can't find antibiotics anywhere I've used cheat mode to teleport to all the medical facilities in Muldraugh

and found nothing unless they are also in random houses. Unless they have taken out Antibiotics all together either way i feel Antibiotics needs more balancing when i comes to spawning in.

Especially in the rooms where they have that keypad door that requires a sledgehammer to smash it down.. i feel that's where they should be under lock and key just like in real live. 


O.k on to idea i heard that there might a hospital being added to the game someday.. Now! reading medical book lets just say for a second it's not just to help you heal and recover faster.  That it also teaches you how to use 

medical equipment so that you can study the zombie infection.. By having a cage that you can trap a zombie in and you can take a sample of your blood and the zombies blood.. and use the medical equipment to find a cure for you're self.


The next step it continue reaching to save the day so to speak with that zombie you have in the cage to reverse it's infection and make it human again.

When that happens you've completed game of course you don't have to do that.. That's just an option if you want you can just see how long you can last as usual.


At the moment there's only 1 End DEATH.. i'm just coming up with a another Ending that all. Anyway thank for your time :)   


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A cure is a confirmed no, also having anything that ends the game beside death is also a no.

That said, why do everybody thinks medical doctors would do research? That's biologists' job, and a doctor wouldn't even know where to start at that

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