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BICYCLES and parts - Emission free vehicle for the PZ apocalypse


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Are distances a bother to travel ? Do you hate it when zombies scratch the paint-job of your car ? Do you hate climate change ? Is the sound of a car in the city attracting unwanted attention from both the undead and survivors alike ? Well, get a bike today: CO2 free, no electricity and gas required, and it sometimes comes with a basket in handy for when you get your groceries from old man Mart's burnt down Supermarket.


Bicycles, they can come in 6-8 different colors just like cars. They move and turn easier than cars but have a chance for injury if it rains and goes slower on grass and dirt and way slower in general. Easy to find and use, silent, sometimes with a basket and great for exercising outdoors. Makes travel easier and it can get damaged.


The bike can be taken down for parts if needed or they can be found, these might be: Oil, wheels, screws and wire, seating, blowtorch (it is in game yes), brakes, handles, paint cans etc.

Bikes can sometimes push a zombie down but you can also fall because of that and may injure or graze yourself. Watch out for dirty or bloody clothing. You might be on a bike, but a scratch from a fall and you'll soon be roaming around along with your dearly departed, or un-departed ones.

(The bicycle is subject to change but would indeed give a rather simple solution, you can also lock it on different things likes poles or trees so it won't get stolen (MP) ).

Hope ya'll enjoy my idea and maybe see it one day come true. :D 




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