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Issue transfer warter to another container


Hey community,

I created a non-steam Server for playing with my girlfriend over LAN. We use the actual public steam release 37.14(?).


We like to build a own base out of the cities and there is a demand of collecting clean water. So we fill a cooking pot and clean the water. Than we like to Transfer it to a water bottle but that won't work.

Everytime we click with the right mouse button on a cooking pot, in the bottom right Corner a red popup is coming up and Shows a Counter that will increase every time we use the right click on that pot.


The Dropdown Option to fill the water to another Container is there but it Shows no further Options when put the Cursor on it.


This issue is coming for all items that can have water in it (cooking pot, water bottle, teakettle...).


We tried already to start a new Server with all over steam viable versions including the previous public release. Every Version had that issue.


Plz fix it. In my eyes it's a really important Option in the game, escpecially when the water in the cities will be turned off.


Thanks for help.





PS. How can I turn of the auto ncorrection? It's really annoying. xD

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The problem is tied to the actual "stable" released version of 37.xx (some month ago now...). Fix will (hopefully) come with the release of next stable build (soon[tm]) ; at least, it's mentionned in the info notes of the 38.xx  beta.


In the meanwhile, you need to have a bootle of water not totally empty in main inventory to fill it up from cooking pot/keetle.


You still can file up other empty containers to bath, counter, etc. in the game. Bath are very effective and keep water for a loooooooong time even after the turn off, as long as you don't try to fill up pot.

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- try to put only 2 water canister in main inventory (not bags):  source one and destination one . Sometimes it helps me. Dont know why. 

- in case of total water outage fill 1 cooking pot via rain , use fire to boil it (till skull&bones disappear) and put it in main inventory. Yup, -3kg :-( 

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