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Some suggestion to help the would-be trappers in game ;


It's largely inspired by what we have already in play for Farming. Basically, the idea is to show "in game" the informations related to traps you currently can only get by wandering into the wiki.




To access the following panel, you have to right-click on a trap put in the world. The accuracy of informations displayed reflect yout Trapping skill lvl (as it's the case for the existing Farming model). For this example, i assume it reflect a lvl 6-7 trapper (my guideline is still Farming indications on the original model).


The informations you can access are :

Best used in zone : FarmLand, TrailerPark, TownZone, Vegetation, Forest, Deep Forest (only mention the best one or the 2 best ones).

Can catch : Mouse ; Rat ; Squirrel ; Rabbit ; Small Bird (only mention which ones could be captured by the inspected trap)

Valid bait used : Yes/No (yes if it's valid to cacth prey these trap "can catch" (ex. : Bread, Bread slice, Worm, Corn, Cereal for the Trap Stick) ; No if not (ex. ; if you add anything other in a Trap Stick). The Yes/No displayed depends on the bait you put in. If no bait is added to the trap, this line is left empty.

Valid bait list : List valid bait for the trap (list the best if can't list all).

Time left before check : given in IG minutes (60 min when you put a bait).


Also add this to the info box you get when mousing over any trap in inventory : "Trap will not cacth anything with people (dead or alive) in proximity".


Some guideline for revealing informations could be :


Lvl 0 : you get "???" for all of the informations displayed. Time left before check isn't displayed.

Lvl 1 : "Can catch" is revealed ; "Works during" is revealed (it's tied to the potential prey).

Lvl 2 : Time left before check is displayed but in an qualitative way ("soon" / "not soon")

Lvl 3 : Best used in is revealed*

Lvl 4 : Valid bait information is revealed.

Lvl 5 : Valid Bait list is revealed.

Lvl 6 : The "Time left" bar is now expressed in minutes (as displayed on the image).

Lvl 7 : The catch chance is revealed.


* : From the trap stick example, and according to the Wiki, the Farmland is the best zone, so this one is displayed. If more than one "best" zone type, they're all listed.

Agriculture panel information 2.png

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