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I feel it'd be pretty neat if you added a sandbox option that when toggled, made the zombies alive. As in, such as the likes of 28 days later and the like, they will have human-like health but be immune to pain.       

If you stab or shoot them, they will begin to bleed and you can wait them out until they bleed out, slowing and weakening as they do.     


It would really give the sandbox mode a true feel of authenticity, as instead of having sprinting corpses, you can properly emulate media in many ways and have that breakneck terror as madmen chase you and desperately try killing you.      


This could also open the doorway for alternate modes of game play as suddenly you don't have to keep beating one to kill it, one good slash and it's good as dead, but not instantly.      


I don't know much about the zombie code so i'm trying to keep this suggestion from being too off the wall :/     

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