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Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

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Enigma Edit:  https://timee.io/20170823T1900  Countdown timer for those that do not trust our time-traveling shenanigans!


Soon to be added to the IWBUMS public beta is an optimization made and discovered by Steve of BitBaboon that could optimize zombie transmission over the network quite a bit.


This optimization limits the amount of zombie placement and zombie movement data that’s shared between players, while still keeping the online gameplay rolling. It has the potential to be quite a big deal, but we need to know just *how* big a deal.


As such this Wednesday 23rd August at 7pm GMT (8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 2pm ET)* we will be running a test IWBUMS server with this running alongside Stas' previous 'Server Save' work. Anyone willing to jump on and play the game for an hour will AGAIN get a free Project Zomboid code to give to a friend/enemy/close family relation.


All we need is for you to be running around on the server for an hour or so, and it’ll probably be quite a fun escapade.


The only difference between this time and the last Megatest is that, to properly emulate a normal live PZ server, we will be capping the number of participants at 50. When the test is over, however, we will open the server a little wider.


This does mean, however, that there will only be 50 Steam codes up for grabs for those initial testers.


The fifty people who are online one hour after the event start (so an exact moment around/about 9pm BST) will be given a free PZ Steam code upon PM-ing an organiser with:


  • The Steam ID number they were playing with.
  • An in-game screenshot of the player scoreboard with your Steam account / character name visible. (Press ESC -> Players)


No free codes will be handed out beyond this set time at/around 9pm BST.




Test server is online and connectable!  Just switch over to the IWBUMS build and find "IWBUMS Multi-Mega Test Two" on the server list to get there.


Q. How do I get my Steam ID?



Go to the Steam website and login, if you've not already done so. Then, click your username  and go to Profile, like so:






This'll take you to the URL of your profile. Just copy and paste  it to your direct message to me, along with your screenshot.


Q. What should the screenshot look like?


At the end of the event at 9 PM (BST), press ESC and go into the Players menu.

You should see something like this:






Take a screenshot of this screen and  paste in your direct message to me.


Q. How long will it take to get my key?



Depends how many requests we get /  if all the info is there. Hopefully we'll be able to get through requests in the next few days, but it could take up to a week.









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I'll join if i can make it.
I dont want a free copy of the game however. I already bought 3 copies of the game. 1 for myself and 2 for friends.
I'd rather invest the money into an Indie game than take free copies.

EDIT: After reading the 2 previous replies;
You have my shield!

Edited by Patrick H

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7 hours ago, Blasted_Taco said:

Are the timezones correct this time?


Last time i recall a lot of people were confused with those and everyone was like "i am late", "i am early", "lag help oh god i ded"

Well I won't be able to make this one but yeah my gf was a bit upset cause the time confusion!

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Awesome idea. Keep it up, Indie Stone! 

And a little question, Im first time I participate in the action like this and I do not know to whom to send a Steam URL and screenshot?  Maybe I should send this guy to the one who created this message on the forum? Thanks in advance for the answer.

You have my  shotgun!


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