PZ dedicated server (backup my save) : Users can't create a new character on server right after they died ?!?
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Hi everybody !

I'm running a private server (I will backup my save) for a few friends and me (full server specs below) but I have a little annoying issue right now.

The server is publicly visible (Project Adelphus), running a few mods without issues and friends who have the password can join without problems.

However, as soon as they die, they have to completely shut down PZ before they can create a new character.

I believe the "MaxAccountsPerUser=" parameter is what this is all about and it's set to 0 right now.

If 0 is not right, Is there an "infinite" value I can set this ?

Thanks for any help ;)


Here are the server specs : 

IBM System X3500 5U tower
2x Xeon Quad Cores E5410 2.33Ghz
ATI Radeon HD4670 1Gb (that I had to cut to fit in a PCIe x8 slot)
48gb (12x4Gb) ECC Fully buffered ram (16gb allocated for PZ)
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bits
600Gb SAS hard drive

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