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That Spiffo suit makes me remember some really old mondoids talking about how there is going to be a rare event that the player might run into taking place at Spiffo's restaurant... I bet $20 the suit is related.


Edit: Found it! [Yes I did read all of them at some point]




What’s your favourite exchanges that have come over so far? What do you think people will enjoy the most when it’s finally in-game?


Wow, what a question. I could honestly spend all day answering this one. For starters there’s a brilliant random scene that has the chance to play out in a Spiffo’s Restaurant, but I’m not saying any more on that! I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much! There’s also a possible psychopath you can walk in on, or is he just a friendly guy you met at a bad time?


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6 hours ago, xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx said:

^reminds me a lot of the psychos from dead rising

id love to see what they got planned

The Dead Rising series, while awesome is far from serious, even if the spiffo suit was part of the starting gear, PZ would still be a whole lot more serious than Dead Rising, i do still secretly wish we could use all kinds of things as weapons as in that series tho....

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On 2/8/2017 at 10:04 PM, Legoland99 said:



Look closely, you'll see some wearing medical/doctor clothes, some will wear nursing clothes and you can imagine what they've been up to since a year has passed. ;)

I can't see a white lab coat tho :( i really hope it will be in the release

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