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Recordings of the Posessed

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Entry 1

Name: Dr. E. Harp

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Dear diary.

Recently I had to experience the consequences of the "Knox Event". The first time when I saw the infected individuals,was when I was shopping.

Currently shopping at the Giga-Mart when they broke trough the windows and started the bloodpath.

No one was able to stop them. Police came a minute later. They didn't hesitated, like they knew what is going on. They got out, and opened fire at everyone.

Lot of casualties. For nothing. The police failed after 10 minutes. Walked home with a bag of beans.


As long as I was able to witness the event, I can say that the infected person feels no pain nor emotions either.

Central-brain functions are stable,but it's seems like their heart and lungs are non operational.

Also, due to the limited brain function (lack of oxygen), most of the brain is possibly unresponsible or dead.


Currently, I baricated myself into my house. I raided my neighbours. I know it was not the most ethical choice, but at least now I got enough supplies for a month.

I hope this will blown away soon.


[To be continoued at this post]



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