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Okay, I'll admit, this isn't exactly a zombie story (try not at all) but it's an apocalyptic story I'm working on. The premise is that an alien parasite wiped out most of humanity sometime in the distant future, and it follows the survivors. The monsters themselves are called Roaches, and will be explained in further detail later on, along with many other things. I'm going to be using some concepts and ideas from various sources, from stuff like This Island Earth too newer things such as the Star Trek remakes. Most of the updates will be fairly short, just a few paragraphs usually, but I'll try to keep posting. It'll follow six different people in their struggle (okay, one or two may have it easy) to survive in the remnants of a planet spanning civilization. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.

P.S.- I'm open to any and all criticism.

Now on with the story!

Day 1


I wake up to the blaring noise of the alarm going of. The digital smart clock reads 13.48. My shift was over 3 hours ago, and I've only been asleep for 2. I leap out of bed and grab my old Smokey Mountain assault rifle of the wall. Smokey's had become obsolete ever since Rale Industries magnet propelled rifles came out, but the gun was a gift from my grandfather, and it gets the job done.

An alarm means danger, and these days it is more likely to be Roaches over Kro marauders, and Roaches means someone will die. Someone always dies.


I look outside the window of my orbital home, watching as the cities on the planet's surface burn. Without people to put them out, what will stop them? Nothing. Especially not the Roaches.


I make one last search, one last check to make sure I grabbed everything. Food- check, water- check, smart com- check, weapon- not check.

I walk back to my bedroom and open the drawer to my nightstand. I then dig through some assorted laundry before finding my Rale mini, the black of the pistol contrasting sharply with the white fur on the hand.


I lie on the cot in my cell, same way I have been for hours now. Then I hear a click, and the force field that kept me in the room turns off, as well as the lights, leaving me in the dark. This is good. It means. I'm finally a free man again. If I ever find the bastards that put me in here, they're gonna pay.


I press a button on one of my electronic lenses, changing my vision from normal to infrared to see if there are any Roaches outside the housing unit, hiding in the dark. I immediately regret it, now even more terrified of the journey I'm going to have to make outside in a few days. Sometimes I think that being a cyborg is a curse in disguise, not a blessing.


I step out into the sunlight, the first sunlight my pale blue skin has felt in a very long time. I turn around and spit into the mine shaft that was my home and prison. I'm never going back there, and I am never going to be a slave ever again. I'm no longer someone's property. Now I'm free. And freedom is an amazing thing if you've never experienced it.

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Day 10


"Okay, I have just one question, please just cut the crap- how did I end up being captain of the U.F.S. Cassiopeia?" I ask Franklin.

"I don't know. I'm just the messenger so to speak. If you really want to know, you gotta look in the manual."

"You're kidding? There's a d*** manual?"

"Yup. Official Regulations and Code of Conduct Manual, it's sitting right on your desk."

"I get that the Captain died in the Roach attack, but I still don't get how I'm in charge."

"I told you, look in the manual.


I read the manual earlier and found that if the second of command is killed and a new one isn't choose before the death of the captain, the first person they go to is the closest living relative. As it also turns out, I am- was -his nephew. I don't want to be captain of a ship! I was content being in the I.T. department (If you're wondering why I have a gun, my grandpa always said one should be able to defend themselves). I have a feeling this is gonna suck.

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner. My original plan was too write every few days another entry. I'll try to attempt my original plan from know on. please comment or like to let me know that people are interested. If not, I won't leave the story hanging, but I'll quickly bring it to an end. Thanks and always, thanks for reading.

Day 22


I really hate this place. My orbital home, I mean.

I inherited it from my father, along with his stash of survival supplies. There's probably enough flavor and nutrient packs to last me centuries. Not that I'll last that long.

My father was always paranoid. First it was clone warfare, then it was economic collapse. The most recent fear was of a mass pandemic. Guess he was right about that one.


"Hey look, it's one of them." Someone says from inside in alley.

"Yeah, one of those alien losers, what do they call themselves? The Fillet?" another says laughing at his dumb joke.

My species real name is the Fleh. We were in the early stages of scientific advancement when those nasty Humans showed up. They kicked us off our home world, and made us their slaves.

I just ignored the alley drunks and kept walking.

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